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This is a song about how somethings power you to do other things, who inspiration really works.

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



 Sitting on the doorstep,

Listening to music,

So far away, whats going on in there? ( Anyone home?)

Your eyes are blank, but i see your smile,

You stay like that for a while, but,

The music grinds to a halt (Halt) and it slides away, (Away)

No need to spin on the spot or dance,

All i need is the music,

Whatever motuvation is,

WELL i think i've just found it.

Its simple, when i know.


I've searched for rares, that i've never really wanted,

Collected things not worth collecting,

Took clubs and learnt things not that needed, when

All i need to learn, is my personality, 

What im truly like,

And life untangles, serious seeps away,


All i need us the music, 

Whatever motivation is,

WELL i think i've jus found it

Its simple when i know,


All i want is the music,

And i know what motivation is,

And so i found it,

And its simple cause i know,


The happy go lucky lyrics that i need to hear,

The jaunty jangle i learn,

Each song, i swear i'll learn off by heart,

I'll sing whenether its my turn,


Becuase all i need is the music,

And whatever motivation is,

I've found it and i'll tell just what you need, 

Even if inpossible..


Whatever makes you smile is what you truly need..




Its crappy but i tried.




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