Teto's Krazy Theory

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Teto and Akita for vocaloid are planning a trip to America for a concert. BUT, when they're plane crashes and they find thereselfs back at Japan, they belive they have been abducted by aliens..

Submitted: January 04, 2012

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Submitted: January 04, 2012



Teto and Akita trooped through the airport, lugging  they're bags behind them. Teto's was sparkly purple, Akita's a yellow pokemon pikachu trunk.

'' This is it. Our plane!'' Gasped teto excidedly. Akita couldent help giving a start to- the plane was huge and black, with a golden door.  

''Weeeeell.. Its a bit much...'' Sighed Akita. Teto grabbed her by her shoulders and shook her. 

''Are you out of your mind?!''

''No, but you are-''

''Its the most amazing thing i've ever seen!''

Akita rolled her eyes. ''You need to get out more..'' They walked up the ramp towards the door. '' Prvate jets? I've been on 15 of them, Teto.'' Now, it was tetos turn to roll eyes. 

'' It's my opinion, and i love it! Besides, its AMERICA, Akita! America!''  She then looked a bit disturbed... ''Umm..I cant speak english.'' Akita smacked her hand to her forehead. (Facepalm, hehe..) ''Damn, can you just stop worring and get on the plane?! Is it to much to ask?''  They trooped onto the jet, Akita reluctantly. After they were sat down on the plane and ready, the plane shot down the runway and took off into the sky, climbing higher and higher into the air..and, though Akita and Teto suprisingly didnt notice, gave a jolt. 

''Damn it..'' Muttered the pilot. '' Turbulence. Hang on.'' But it wasnt just turbulece. Instead of climbing H-i-g-her..it plumented l-o-w-e-r..

''G..g...Gwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!'' Screeched Teto. ''What the hell-?''  

Akita clutched her ponytail and also screamed, strangely high-pitched. ''M...My skirt!'' Uh, we'll leave out some details about what happened.

There was a *Flunk* and the plane was sent spinning across the path..Akita and Teto, very wary, stepped out the plane, shakily. ''What? But..this isnt ..This is Tokyo!''

Teto shook her head. ''No..We must have went as high as space..and..Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzooooooooooooooom! Landed on planet..Zorg! And its a replica of Japan! Trust no one..''

Akita rolled her eyes,  but she wanted to beleive teto, as the scene looked a bit blurry.

''Oh, Akita, look! Theres someone there!'' The person she was pointing to was a large balding man in a large russian coat and a moustache. And, a scowl. 

''Ehh..He doesnt look friendly..'' Teto scowled herself. 

''Dont be so prejudiced and judg-by-looks, lets go ask where we are!'' So teto and a reluctent Akita sidled over to the Moustache man. 

''Ehh...Hi! Uh. Right. Well. Where are we?'' The man looked baffled. 

''Eeeh..This wasnt in the script..And im not fluent at speaking japanese..''

Teto looked baffled herself, as she knew no english. Akitas turn. 

''Hey. Um, d'you knw where we are?'' She said slowly.

''Im not deaf! Dont speak so sloooowly. Im not stupid. Who're you, anyway? Stunt double?''

''Um..WHERE are we?''

The man sighed. ''Your on set for the movie the hunger games, and we;re STILL recording. I know i shoulda practiced japan before coming here, but its a english film.''

''WE;RE..Still in japan?''

''Yes, and im chasing you off set!''

Akita and Teto looked at eachover. '''Ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun!''


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