Teto's Krazy Theory Pt II

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Teto and Akita are now in a abandoned street. Akita is trying to get her mobile to work..Teto has another 'Theory'..
* A bit more darker than the last story

Submitted: January 07, 2012

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Submitted: January 07, 2012



'' This phone is rubbish..'' Grumbled Akita, '' No power, no reception..No way home.'' Teto sighed and her shoulders slumped. She looked up into the sky hopelessly. A large green, effile tower style place. ''Hey..Your phones the new kind that works when its near masses of energy, riight?'' Akita shrugged. 

''Yeah, check the manual. Why?'' She looked at teto. Here eyes, too, swiveled up to the sky. ''Oh, no, teto, dont do this..'' But Teto had snatched the phone and was tearing across the dark damp streets. She was soon at the gaes to the power station tower, and leapt over it easily, though Akita, who was hot on her trail, saw purple wings shoot out her back quickly. ''You used your chimera powers?'' Teto nodded..And they grew for real. She soared into the sky, devil horns shooting out her forehead and spiraling to the top, arms flailing about wildly. trying to get reception for the phone.


The dark clouds appeared out of nowhere, as did the lighting. It dashed out and hit the power station..AND teto.  But it was so sudden..Why? Becuase it was too much power. Teto plummented, and Akita screamed and covered her eyes, rushing forwards..Teto was clinging onto a  wire..Hr hair was messed up and frizzy, she looked dazed, but there she was. Her hand was shaking..And she fell down. ''Maybe its a dream..'' She murmered as she fell ''Maybe nothing else is real..'' 

Akita and some terrified onlookers gathered around the dazed teto. ''Teto? TETO?'' Screeched Akita. Teto sighed..

''Can you tell me who your are- or who i am?''  She asked slowly. Akita shook her head at her and grinned. ''Shs ok. Stand up, Teto.''

''Aww, but that was my moment to shine! I'd get to see what a Mental hosptial looks like!'' But Teto just got up and walked out.;

Like a BOSS.

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