The New Jedi Purge

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Discover the truth behind the massacre of Bust Athar.

Submitted: September 14, 2016

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Submitted: September 14, 2016



They were trembling with fear as the ship descended from the sky. Guarded entrances and exits sealed. The perimeter of the area monitored by guards and airspace was constantly checked. The whole village was surrounded, nothing went in or out. Nothing. That was when the ship made landfall, the bottom hatch opened to reveal two stormtroopers who descend rapidly from the dark machine, followed slowly but surely by a sinister and imposing figure. A group of people gathered several meters away from the ship.

- Follow me.

- Yes, sir - replied the stormtroopers.

The dark silhouette was tall, slender, wears a completely black outfit, a long coat of the same color worn by the passage of time and battles, and a black helmet that concealed his entire head and face. His mere presence served to infuir fear in their opponents, in the same way that another great sith once did. When he get to meet the crowd, an old caldurian approached and said:

- Please, have mercy, please, we have nothing here. Don't kill us...

The imposing sith made out to the assembled crowd and then fixed his eyes on the old man.

- Kaldur Hein, where is it?

Stammered with fear, the caldurian answered - Eh? Who?

The intimidating figure strangle the poor elderly in the air as he repeated in his deep, metallic voice:

- The jedi, where is it?

- Ghhh ... in ... the ... hi ... hill ...

The poor old man was returned to the ground as he caught his breath sharply. The dark sith quickly went to the nearest hill, where a small cabin settled, he instructed his troops to destroy it and it was done. While everyone watched the horrible scene, a thick, firm voice said:

- You think you are like Ren? You think you are Vader? Hahaha - he whispered in low voice - you'll never be like them ...

With a push of force, Kaldur Hein was sent to a nearby wall, hitting it very hard to then be lifted and held in the air.

- You're right, I know I'm not, because I'll triumph where they failed, I'll exterminate the jedi and bring true peace to the universe. - While the jedi tried desperately to catch his breath, the powerful sith comes up and says - You should feel honored to be a link in the great chain I'm forging.

The sinister figure impales the jedi. A stormtrooper approaches:

- Darth Dreivn, what do we do with the civilians?

- I do not want anyone alive commander.

- Yes sir.

And so it ends the story of the slaughter of Bust Athar. And the new jedi purge begins ...

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