The Dock I Can't Quite Breach

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Submitted: February 07, 2013

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Submitted: February 07, 2013



I read your heart on the page,

and picture myself letting go..

dancing with you on the stage,

for all to see our beautiful show.


I love how you adore,

the way you actually look,

and even when I was simply a bore

or worse, a shellfish whore, you never forsook..


I desire to be that light

that you see,

take you to an unknown height

so that you and I can finally breathe..


But I’m not strong

and I’m not stable

it would be wrong

cause I’m not able..


to show you my love,

the way you deserve.

To hold us above,

and my body conserve


Because I know you want all

and any less is not fair.

When it’s your name I call

I can hear your heart tear


I can’t walk away,

You matter too much.

But I don’t know what to say

when I lust for your touch..


I want to say don’t give up,

that one day I’ll mature

and that this mess is just a hiccup

But I can’t be sure


that I will ever be ready

come out of this blur and be sure

and be steady

stop comparing to her


and let my heart out

vulnerable and weak

love without doubt

and live how I speak.


I want to, believe me,

and much sleep is lost

in weighing if the fee

of loving is worth the end cost.


But in the end

I’m not the one paying

It’s you,

And forgive me for saying


I don’t know if you’re strong enough..

to fully fall,

and if you’re not caught.. the devastation, depression, and that kind of stuff

alone, for the worst battle of all


Against your own heart

Memories and dreams

And you knew from the start

I had potential to rip you at the seems


But you didn’t know that I knew as well

That I tried, but I failed

That what I’ve been trying to tell

Even as my words always trailed


Off into my own thoughts..

never knowing how to put into words

that for you I also had the hots

but it goes to the birds


because it wouldn’t be healthy

to let you fall

even if we tried to be stealthy

I’m not always there when you call


and I make your heart heavy

I cause you pain and hurt

and you don’t know the levy

of carrying out past the flirt


if I run or I break it

that delicate organ

you wouldn’t be able to fake it

and you’d turn toward the Morrigan


The dark can consume

and all may be lost..

Or you might bloom,

only to be killed by this winter's next frost.


Fuck my emotions!

I seem fickle and vain..

I wish there were potions

To cure this viral strain.


This game of hide-and-seek

of love-and-pain

If only I could just get a peek,

and see if a fall would not be in vain..

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