Unsteady Steps

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for the friend who felt my pain, and who felt my loss as my heart was broken for the first time.. I'm sorry it ruined our friendship

Submitted: February 18, 2013

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Submitted: February 18, 2013




Unsteady Steps


You walked with me

Against your doubts

We lived so free

filled with laughs and shouts


You carried me

on days I couldn’t walk

never let me be

when I wouldn’t talk


I owe you all

You saved my life

Catch me before I fall

And take away my destructive jackknife


I knew you were scared

and I really did have only the best intentions

Looking back at how we faired..

I know it wasn’t always in the best conventions


But I loved you

With all my being

and I still do,

even without you seeing.


I fell too hard

and love is blind

We both were scarred

as my heart pined.


It’s not fair that you were hurt,

That when it got too heavy

and I cried into your shirt

pushing more on your levy


You held me

and listened

and when I decided to flee

with love you still christened.


I didn’t get your anger

Utter frustrations

and my efforts got lamer

as I saw you begin to show reservations.


I was selfish

and rude

But I felt helpless..

Not an excuse for my bad attitude


I’m sorry.

I was lost,

my vision was starry,

and often I was sauced.


If there was one thing I could take back..

It would be not fighting harder for us.

I wish I could have found what I lack,

and never have broken your trust.


I love you.

This is sappy

But I really do,

and I hope one day someone makes you entirely happy


Because in the end

I failed miserably

And as your best friend

Often I was a sorry plea


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