The 40 Year Dream, A love story that is real and still happing

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This is a true real life story, start as Sean was a young kid, with a dream that happenned almost nightly, he is almost 40 and dream has become real. and is still unfolding

Submitted: July 15, 2011

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Submitted: July 15, 2011



The 40 year dream comes to life, A true story of my life.
by Sean Billhymer Noah on Friday, April 29, 2011 at 4:21pm

Since i was a kid all the way to adult and up into not long ago (weeks) I have had this recurring dream of a women, now this was not a sexual dream ( so get that out of yall's head now) but a dream and you could fill total love. For atleast... 40 years this dream has been apart of my life and I never shared it with anyone. My heart would be pounding in the dream and butterflys would be at pit of my stomach, Palms sweating perspiring. I would see the lady never a complete face, could see her hair and skin. Could fill her touch and she could fill mine. We where always doing stuff having fun and enjoying each others company. Always holding hands, touching , and yes kissing. I could always fill the energy and she was the one the one to steal my heart and love and would spend the rest of my life with. She was just like me, acted like me, could talk to her for hours if not weeks about any and everthing. Her smell was so beautiful. I would wake up wanting and saying who is she where is she, will I ever meet her. Is thismy life to come. I could not even tell or know what her smell was that was apart of the dream. So for 40yrs (almost) this has been apart of my life keeping me wondering, at times just thinking it was a dream and would not happen. The strangest thing I could feel the love and was 100% in love with a lady in my dreams.

So my life goes on 2 marragies, I new they where not the one. dated never finding the one. Made me wonder at times if I was throwing away life in search of dream Lady. My big question was what does her face look like andif I did meet her how would I know.

(So now we will go back in time to my teenage years)

So as ateenager dreams at this time have been going on since about 9yrs old. Now take in mind im a adult in the dreams not a child. So like any other teenager we like hanging with friends and think we are adults doing stupid things, like taking parants car for drive and getting thrown in pokey for it. Drinking with friends. Well I meet this young girl thats 2yrs younger, thought she was "hot" as we said back then. But never giving her second thought as being dream girl. All the way til we are 18 or 19 bumping into her at different places, even taking her to school, in my yellow cav, at the time. still nothing just friends.

Welll as life happens you lose contact with friends and never look back.

So over 2 yrs ago my marrairge has come to end, for many different reasons. So Im thinking did this happen because God has intended for me to meet dream gir. Well nothing happens yet as for as knowing who she is, life goes on.

So take in mind as the internet has came along and so... does Facebook like all of you we have connected with folks from are past. A year maybe longer I happen to connect with the girl I was friends with as a teen. Now something else that I did not tell yall I was friends with her brother as well when I was a teen. Still after being friend on face book did not think anything about her being dream girl. We would coment on each other from time to time. But still nothing. Dreams where still happening Then we start to talk a little more and more about past and people we partyed with as teens, and kinda of catching up. We both had jobs that where around cars. And also the art and design of graphics on cars. She does wraps and signs, I do paint. Still at this point nothing as far as her being the one.

We have started texting even talked on phone still nothing, Im intrested but know thought of her being dream lady. cause I have met her before, when I was kid and nothing happened.

So one evening Im leaving work, at Dodge dealer, when I get a call from her saying she had to go to dallas for work and is on her way back and is lost. So I'm trying to find out where she is, she is naming off streets as Im trying to put them in gps. At the same time she would say wait, I have seen this sreet I know where Im. Few minutes pass by she says no I dont know where I am. Then I tell her stay put I willhead that way I think your in Lewisville.

Now she started near old Cowboy staduim and is heading to Boyd.

Well like me she does not stay put (knows everything) she keeps on driving taking one street after another cause they looked like the correct one or the one that would lead her to where she wanted.

Then out of know where she saysOH SHIT fuel lights on, I said stop for gas, she replied I did but I forgot my purse and driving a work truck.

So now She is lost and out of gas with know money. So nice guy I am I tell her when I find you I will pay for some gas. Well she is still telling me street names and some how, she is now in Denton. I'm now heading that way, keep going strait and know matter what do not turn, cause your on 380. I will meet you at 380 and 35 at gas station. (She is all worried) I may not make it almost out of gas.I reply if you run out I will head down find you if that happens.

(We are both bitting nails) With me asking her if cars is still running fine, since she is low on fuel, she is states car is still running fine.

(She is in dead panic at this point almost to tears, I'm still heading to gas station off 35 going as fast as I can with out going over legal posted limit. LOL)

Then with big burst of happiness I hear say "I see 35 So Im here, Where the hell are you". (LOL)

Im at light about to go under bridgecalm down. I pull into gas station drive looking for white Tahoe, There it is next to pump #3 , she is still in side half scared from what just happened, not to mention there I am walking up a guyshehas not seen in 20yrs. She is all dirty from work becuasethe kinda of work she does. She steps out of truck has whiite T-shirt on and blue jeans, hair is down, I can see she is very tired from the drive.

I go inside pay for some gas, why she is already pumping. I come out there she is tells me thank you so much for helping me. Im looking at her trough her ruff day and all she has gone trough she still has smile on her face. Im thinking she has turned into a beautiful women. She gives me hug again thinking me but she has to run, she knows where she is, but has to get her daughter. So I get back in my car and leave im driving home and I can smell her on me from that short hug and this is a smell I have smelt before, what is it, OH MY I KNOW THIS SMELL. Its from my dream!!!!!

Im thinking still know way can't be, im second guessing my self the whole time, thinking I need to get home and go to bed, maybe I may have dream and can conform smell. But know dream for days.

Still talking to her little more now just friends, with still no dreams. They have stopped. Im like wtf ,I have had these for so long but now they stop with NO ANSWER.

So months go by still talk to her and I decide to ask her out to diner, she goes ok. So olive Garden it is, 35 and Heritage Trace. I tell her dont get lost going there. lol !!!!

I pull intodrive of Olive Garden she is waiting at car, Pull into empty space beside her, Get out and we meet at the back of cars. She is walking up to me and Im thinking WOW!!! cause she is not coming from work and has been primping like ladies do and she is looking DAM FINE. LOL!

She comes up to me we hug and I take her hand as we go to walk into Olive Garden.There it is BAM hits me, my heart is racing, my palms sweating. and can fill the energy in holding her hand. Like nothing I have ever felt before in real life.

We go in sit down Im trying to stay calm causenot going to tell her a thing, what just happened or my dreams. She would run out the door. So we finish the date. walk her to the car and in saying good bye as one would do. I give her hug bye and then find myself eye to eye with her.

Both go in for kiss, my mouth touches hers and hers mine, and there it is again BAM!!!!Kiiss fills right and fills like one in dream. Again heart racing plams clamy holding her hand why we kiss. I fill like I have walked into my dream. So at this point, still not going to say anything to her about what I have just felt.

So we hang around car a bit talking, laughing, enjoying each others company. Then part ways.

I'm driving home and going oh man, still second guessing myself,not beleaving what has happened.

So time goes on we are talking dating a bit, going shopping with her and having lots of fun. Ican talk to her like there is know tomorrow. Still second guessing myself a bit if she could be the one, but coming more sure she is the one. Cause everytime im around her parts of the dream will flash back, I have been here and done this kinda of feeling.

Her skin is just like girls in dream, hair looks the same, smell of hair is even the same.

So is it her has it happened!!!!

Now as months have gone by the connection has grown so strong and I have felt feeling like know other before, feelings that where in these dreams for so long.

A few weeks ago I have noticed since meeting her, dreams have not come back. Then one night why she is laying in bed beside me, I have the dream and it is same dream as before but this time I see her face and its her. Smiling and eyes wide open.saying im here you have found me.

I use to wake up wondering who she was and if I would ever meet her.

I have everthing in life a man could want but had one big thing missing, Love!!!

Now I feel like life for the first time is complete and have never enjoyed life so much. From my daugther coming to live with me in Jan. of this year. To a dream a 40 yr old dream coming true. My heart still races everytime I see her and will not stop till my dieing day.

We have noticed alot of differnet things in both of are lives that have led us to the point of being together. Things that are so similar.

Tamara thank you for giving me 40yrs of dreams and making them come true. We both have noticedso many things that make this Gods work. I LOVE YOU Tamara !!!!!!!!!!!!

Where at 6 months now she just learned about this story few weeks ago. Tamara l I love you so much and so Happy you entered My life you make me a better person and complete my life. I can not wait to see my future with you .

This has been the 40yr everlasting dream.

This is a real Life story and is happening right now@

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