Anxiety: at 3am in my studio apartment

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Submitted: August 03, 2018

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Submitted: August 03, 2018



“ Don’t search for stars where there’s no moonlight ”

Unbeknownst, I lurch forward to try and find them within the grasp of

someone who might begin to understand the dismissive waves of

frustration and obsession that fill my veins and 

organs, the vital signs I miss when lack of substance evades my space


Every single evening when the sun sets,

I repel the thought but the flowers dance for me


Normally, the signs, the lights, the noise inside my head and outside my window will

keep me up at night

The streets are quiet tonight because for once, they’re listening to me


I hear screams coming up from the street below as people

crawl by intoxicated in heels and valet parking tickets in their back 

pockets for when it’s time to go back home to where everything is 

staccato and they couldn’t begin to fathom 

the extremities my mind travels to in a mere second and I feel the strings

of doubt pull at my brain while they’re effortlessly walking by and laughing at me

and making it seem so easy


I wonder why I’m so different –

I’m sanctioned behind the four walls of my mind


I don’t speak, I listen


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