The Unexpected Survivor

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When a young boy gets trapped in the wild from an airplane crash to a firefight between a young boy his mom against a well armed group of hit men, this book has it all including action and adventure, and conspiracy's.

Submitted: September 05, 2013

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Submitted: September 05, 2013



The Unexpected Survivor

By Charlie Melidosian


The day we crashed was a memory I would never forget. It was a summer night. I remember my mom and I hugging and screaming. Only she can’t tell you how the experience was, no one could, because I was the only survivor. I was told we crashed into the Alaskan wilderness and that the plane had hit a flock of birds taking out 3 engines. But for now I will write it as I go and how I saw it.





Traveling to Japan was the most exciting trip I’d ever had.  My parents, for my birthday last year, had offered to take me to the most exciting place in the world: Japan.  I’d been interested in Japanese culture ever since I’d taken my first Nipponese class in school.  I was finally going to be able to put my efforts to work.  For years, I had been waiting to try my foreign language skills.  Little did I know that another set of skills would become infinitely more valuable.  

Boy Scouts was a passion that wasn’t shared by most of my friends.  I was teased in school by some who thought I was a wimp because I wore my boy scout uniform to class.  I suppose I always had the impression that those wilderness skills would someday be useful, but I never imagined that I would be forced to put those skills to the test. “Always Prepared” was the way that I had tried to run my life, be it prepared for a mathematics test or prepared for the bully after school.  But this time, no algorithms nor fighting stances prepared me for my present challenge.

Back at 30,000 feet, I was listening to my favourite band, “My Chemical Romance,” when I felt the plane shake violently. Looking quickly to my mother, she seemed calm and confident that the turbulence was a normal part of flying. At first, I was calmed by her placid expression but as the second bout of shaking entered the cabin she shifted from comforting mother to rigid, even panicked, passenger. I took off my Bose headphones and heard the high pitched whining of the engines.  The screech of metal on metal permeated the cabin.  The cockpit door slammed open, twisted off it’s reinforced hinges as metal screamed against metal and I could hear the captain call “MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! DELTA 298 GOING DOWN! I REPEAT MAYDAY! MAYDAY DELTA 298 GOING DOWN!” Across the cabin the stewardesses repeated “BRACE FOR IMPACT!”

There were alarms, gongs, bells and other sounds going off in a cacophony throughout the cabin. The masks dropped down and I was sure I was going to die. Looking out the starboard window, I saw one of our engines on fire but I thought we could keep going with an emergency landing. Unfortunately, not the case. I was sitting next to my mom and I hugged her tightly; she was saying it’s going to be all right. Also, not the case. Then, an unexpected thing happened:

Our seats started to twist against their fastenings to the floor and a food cart came careening down the aisle, this one right at me. In a desperate attempt to save me, my mom hurled herself in front of me. The cart came down hard and hit her in the back.  With a sudden lead drop in my stomach unrelated to the gyrations of the aircraft, I heard her back snap and saw her face going pale. We kept hugging all the way down and with a single tear she whispered in my ear “I love you”

I was cloaked in bright light and I saw my life flash before me.  I wondered if this was what it was like to die. As I got closer to the light it all snapped to place. First the hearing then pain, then I opened my eyes and saw that we had crash-landed. However, this was blurry and I saw two or three of everything and I heard a loud ringing in both ears. I think my natural animal instincts kicked in and the pain went away.  I knew I had to get out of that airplane.

There were limp, lifeless bodies everywhere, and I had to move several dead bodies to get to an exit. Some of these poor souls still wore their oxygen masks, not knowing that they torn loose from the cabin ceiling. That’s how bad it was. There weren’t any moans and I knew why. I was the only survivor. I finally got out and crawled to a tree about 50 feet away from the plane.  I couldn’t help but close my tired eyes.

The morning blur came into focus. The white bright sunshine blinded me, and then came the pain, then the ringing in my ears. The full image hit him. Fuselage parts were everywhere. And I was afraid that nothing was salvageable and it smelled of jet fuel.  Scavenger birds were pecking and tearing at the rotting flesh. I knew little about wilderness survival. I also knew that there was a chance that the radio still worked. I got up and tried to think. The pain in my leg was really bad and I had to sit down. I knew it wasn’t broken but I knew that this wasn’t good.

I knew that standing on my leg might hurt it more but I also knew that the radio was my only way out. I forced myself up and tried to walk and I had such a limp it was hard to move my leg. I finally made it to the wreckage of the cockpit. I found the radio and picked up the microphone.

“Hello? We crashed and is anyone there???” I didn’t hear anything for a while but a static voice came on and said,

“This is Birch Mountain Tower - please state your location and medical” CHHHHHHHHH

“Hello, hello...”

Nothing, and I knew I was alone and would die alone. I knew we weren't supposed be in a forest so we were way off the flight plan. Maybe some hikers will come along and rescue me. But that’s a slim chance.


Chapter Two

Failed Attempts


I knew that I was bad at wilderness survival, but I didn’t think I would stink this bad. For the first time in my life I was truly hungry and felt like no one could help. Also, for the first time I had a new definition of ‘school not teaching you anything useful’. I knew I had to learn how to survive but all I knew was that rubbing two sticks together did nothing, and that dead things stunk worse than a skunk.

I cried every night for my mom and I knew I had to get over it, and that everyone on the plane was dead including my whole family of my two sisters, and my parents. But what would happen with my dog in the kennel. I wondered if my dog would go to a non-kill shelter, or a kill shelter. I also wanted her to have a good family. Also, for the first time in my life, no one was telling me how to do something. Anyway, back to my life.

I sat up, looking at my accomplishments.

“Lets see….” I said, I had gotten used to thinking out loud, so I didn’t get too lonely.

“I made a shelter, and…” just then a light bulb went off in my head,

“If I found the airplanes battery, and gathered some jet fuel, I could make a fire!” By now the pain in my leg had gone away, so I ran to the plane wreckage. I looked and looked for the battery and finally found it. It took me all day to find the battery. I found a hunk of metal with some jet fuel on it. I also got some branches and brought them back to my camp. When I tried to make a spark, nothing happened. I stilled tried to light the fire, and it worked. I layered the branches on the fire, and they caught on fire quickly. I quickly realized that the sticks burned quickly.


Chapter 3

New Beginnings


A week after crashing, I felt and saw fire. I had a new direction. Instead of just going, and surviving, I WAS going, and I WAS surviving. I finally felt like I can get out alive. I also felt like I wasn’t alone.  I wondered if I would make new discoveries, if I could really make it out of here, and, of course, not survive, but live.

I was going through the wreckage and found a water bottle, several. I already found a lake and knew I had to use the water bottles. I went to the lake and took a sip. Clean. I washed out the water bottles and filled them up. I also knew I had to use them for transporting water to my mouth when I’m not near the lake. I took a sip. I gagged on the water bottle because I didn’t know where the bottle was before the crash. I had to get over it. In the wreckage I found backpacks, luggage, and all sorts of stuff. I took the backpacks off the dead bodies, or off the ground and put them at the campsite.

I thought how hungry I was, but I didn’t know how long you could last without food. I found one of the routers from the engine and thumbed the sharp end. It was pretty sharp, so I decided this could be my knife. I found a stick and tried to sharpen it. It actually sharpened pretty well.  Now I had a sphere. But what happened when my knife dulled? I went to the lake to find some rocks. I remember history class teaching us something about flint being used as knives. They also taught us that flint could be found at lakes. I found several kinds of rocks. One chipped easily, and I thumbed the chip. It was sharper than the rotor! That piece of rock was so sharp that it sliced through the stick like butter, and it was serrated naturally so I could use it for cutting meet. I tied the chip onto a stick with one of my shoelaces. I made a sphere, and I was ready to hunt. I found and gathered some sticks, and put them on the fire. I then gathered a backpack, put the water bottles in it and took the knife.

I had not eaten in a week, so I was determined. I went into the woods, looking for any signs of life.  I was moving very quietly and slowly although it sounded like every step I took, I made tons of noise.  Although I was loud, I did kill a rabbit.  When I went back to the camp, I found my rock knife, I laid it the rabbit on its back and slit down the stomach with a knife.  After I did that I tried to remove the guts without vomiting.  However, I did vomit several times.  Now to move on from gutting the animal to cooking the animal.  By now, I've learned how to master fire making.  I got some leaves, and put them in the embers of the fire.  Once a leaf lit up I had the stick pile ready to be used.  I put some twigs on the fire, and soon small branches.  Once I had that done, I took out a flat rock from the surrounding area and cleaned it in the river.  I put the rock in the fire, and laid strips of bunny meat on the rock.  After those have been cooking for about 10 minutes, and are now golden brown I took it off a fire.  It was so hot, that I burned myself.  Luckily, it was only a first-degree burn, I think.


Chapter three



I took the knife and found a sapling.  I tried breaking the sapling in half by bending it, but it did not work, it was too flexible.  What I figured out I had to do, was take the knife and start cutting at the bend.  That worked out very well.  Once I had about three, I went back to camp.  The reason why I took three saplings was if one broke.  Using a knife, I cut a groove in each end of the sapling, and went to my sleeping area to get the shoelaces.  After I did that, I tied a loop in one end of the shoelace, and put that are around one notch.  I then bent the sapling, and strung the other end.  Now to test it out.  I Pulled Back On The String.  BAMMMMM!  The bow exploded in my hand, and now there was blood on the ground.  I looked in my hand, and there were splinters all over it.

"Oh my god!" The splinters stung so much that my eyes started to water. I sat down, pulling the splinters out. Just then I heard a twig snap. Then another, and finally I heard someone yell


“I'M HERE, MY GOD THANK YOU FOR FINDING ME” I saw a person walk out from the bushes wearing a big hiking backpack, and a gaping mouth.

“Who are you?” the man said. I returned the question by asking, “Do you have a first aid kit for my hand?” There was a pause, then he finally caught up.

“oh, yes. Wait who are you.” The hiker started walking closer and got out a basic first aid. He wrapped my hand with a gauze role and asked if I was hungry, and I said no (what a lie). Once we were done he got out his phone and called somebody. I think it was a Search And Rescue team. We waited at least half an hour before they came, but when they came, I was so happy. I was finally coming home, and for some reason I did not want to leave. When we were on the helicopter I looked back one last time before I had to leave it forever. We landed at a hospital, and I was rushed into a room. They’re where news people everywhere. There was flashing cameras and video cameras recording. I was rushed into an emergency room where doctors unwrapped my hand, put an IV in my arm, and removed the splinters. It all happened so fast, I could not keep track of what was happening. They gave me a shot, and I went to sleep. I woke up in a hospital room, cold and hungry. I was scared but for some reason strapped down. I started calling

“NURSE!!! SOMEONE!!!” At least three people rushed into my room, and one of the nurses said in a panicked tone

“What? Are you ok?”

“I'm ok, but where am I, and why am I strapped down” everyone let out a breath, signaling that they were no longer worried.

“Don’t worry, its just so you don’t pull out your IV when you wake up. Here I will take them off now that you’re aware of where you are.” I said thanks and they left. About a week later with nothing happening other than doctors checking in taking my blood pressure, and other things, two people came in.

“Hello, John, right?” one of them asked.

“Yes, and who are you?” I replied with a questioning voice.

“Oh, you don’t need to know our names, but we have to take you to your new foster parents. We already checked you out so lets get going as soon as possible.” They went over to my arm and took out my IV, I thought only doctors or nurses were allowed to do that, but I guess they were also allowed to also.

We started walking down the hall, quickening the pace as we went along. Finally we got to the door. Once we got out side the men rushed me into an already waiting car. Someone in the driver seat was looking back and as soon as we closed the door he stepped on the gas.

By now I’m scared. When we got onto the highway the man on the left of me took out a handgun and pushed it into my gut.

“Move or do anything that we don’t like, and you're dead. Dead you get it?” he said.

“Ok, I won’t do anything” I replied back.  He turned back and laid his head on the headrest. I don’t know what these people want, but I knew I had to get out. There was only one way I could think about doing that. I told them that I really need to go to the bathroom. They said they would pull over to the shoulder. Once I got out of the car I started running.

I ran and ran and they just looked at me. They looked like I just did the unthinkable, and I kind of just did.


Chapter Four

Getting a Mom

I just ran and ran and that’s all I did. I ran for the longest time I can remember but exhaustion finally got me. I was still on the highway but I did not care. I crawled far away from the cars and I slept. In the morning I was greeted by a police officer trying to wake me up. I tried to get up but the police officer grabbed me down. I tried to struggle but the police officer just kept on holding me down.

After at least a minute of fighting, I finally gave up. “If I let go of you, will you run?” the officer asked. “No.” I replied. The police officer slowly loosened her grip, and I calmed down a lot.

“Hey, aren't you the kid that survived the plane crash?” the officer asked.

“Yes, I am.”

“Then why are you this far from the hospital, you weren't even in the hospital for a month? Oh by the way, my names Susan.”

“Two men came into my room and told me to come with them. Once I got into the car, they put a gun on me. They also said that they were taking me to my new foster parents. Do you know if I have a foster mom and dad yet even?” I said.

“I don't know. Lets go to the station to get this sorted out.” Susan said soothingly

“Ok. Can you keep track of all the visitors I have?”

“Yes, I will do that.” Susan said.

“This is unit 19-27 transporting one individual back to the station.” Susan said into the radio on her shoulder

“Come on, let’s get off the highway.” Susan said.

We both got up and walked to the squad car. Susan said that the car was brand new, and that it was a Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. It looked amazing and fast. We drove away and Susan looked at me.

“Want to go back to the hospital, or go to the police station?” Susan asked.

“Police station, please.” I replied.

We drove for about 10 minutes, and then exited the highway. We kept on driving for at least another 15 minutes before we pulled into the police station. We got out of the car and walked in.

“Go wait over there in the chairs. I will be over in a minute.” Susan said pointing to a grouping of chairs.

“Ok.” I walked over to the chairs and I sat down. Susan went over to the desk and started talking to the other officer at the desk. She talked for at least five minutes, and then Susan came back and sat next to me.

“I think it’s best if you stay at my house for the night. It’s the best environment for you right now.” Susan suggested.

“Ok, that sounds good. When will we go to your house?” I asked.

“After my shift. That ends in about an hour. In the meantime you can ride along with me or stay here and wait.”

“I think I want to go on a ride along.” I replied.

We both got up and walked to the squad car. I got into the passenger side, and Susan got into the driver side. Susan started the car and we pulled out onto the street. The day went by fast even though the whole day was just driving around town. Once her shift was over we headed back to the police station. Once we got there the officer at the desk ran over to us.

“Hey! Boss is looking for you. He said that that kid needs to go to a cell until he is assigned parents.” The other officer said.

“Where is the boss I need to talk to him.” Susan said in a forceful tone.

“In his office, but you need to get that kid a foster parent.” Said the other officer.

We both walked to a room and Susan said to sit down outside the room.  Susan walked into the room and slammed the door. I put my ear to the door.

I heard two voices. One clearly Susan, but the other one a mans. Both voices were angry.



Chapter Five

Susan’s Fight


I waited.

“You were looking for me, sir?” Susan said with disdain.

“Yes, you do not have the clearance to claim this child. I don’t like doing this, but he has to have a foster parent, no matter how much you want him.” The other man said.

“Then I want to get that clearance, I think that will be best. Someone wanted him dead for gods sake!!!” Susan was starting to yell.

“You can’t have that clearance! Susan, you can’t have that boy just because your boy is dead!!!” I could tell the man went too far when Susan came back at him by yelling.

“STOP IT!!! You do not have ‘CLEARANCE’ to say that, and i'm not taking him just because he is dead. He had a great life and I want him to have an even better life.” Susan was yelling full time now.

“If you want him, then you can have him. If you take him though, then don’t bother coming back.”

“FINE!!!” Susan came back out, slamming the door behind her. I got up and followed her out of the door. We got in her car and she started it. She slammed the stick shift into reverse, and backed out of the parking lot. We drove away from the police station. We drove and drove, and finally came from the city to a small suburb. We drove into a driveway and turned off the car. We waited for several minutes. Susan started to cry.

“I’m sorry, but just give me a minute.” Susan said, through her cries.

“I’m sorry. I mean about your son.” I said in a sad tone.

“Its ok, I just need a minute.”

“Whatever you need.” I said.

It took at least ten minutes for her to stop crying. We waited even longer to get out of the car.




Chapter Six

Out of work, Out of school


We got out of the car, and she led me to her house. She unlocked the door and we went in. once we opened the door, I smelled a sweet, colorful smell. Her house was beautifully decorated.

“Are you hungry? Do you want a sandwich?” Susan suggested.

“Yes please.” I have not eaten in a day and was getting really hungry. Not as hungry as I was in the wilderness. Not the twisting, painful feeling of an empty stomach. I’m not falling over from pain. Not the constant thought of food, of hunger, of death. I followed Susan into the kitchen. She opened the fridge and got out bread, meat, and mayo. Susan also got out two plates. Susan started to make the sandwiches.

“Do you want anything else on your sandwich?” Susan asked.

“No, thank you.” I said.

Susan made the sandwiches and sat down at the table in the middle. She handed me my sandwich and I bit into it. It was a blast of flavors. There was an amazing blend of this flavor and that flavor. It was magical, the flavors.

“So, what do you want me to call you? Like Mrs. Something?” I asked

“Um, call me whatever. I don’t care.” Susan said uneasily.

“Ok, Mom.” I said with a smile. Mom just stood there, not moving, and to the looks of it not breathing.


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