Poems - part 1

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poems -part 1


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'Be Yourself'

I could write the many things i wish to say,

Here, now, just to enchant ur mind

And then, to delet all i wrote, in the next day,

Just to show you that was nothing written yesterday,

And u was blind...

I could write the many things i like to do,

In quick phrases, to satisfy ur curiousity, today,

But later, i will erase all the words i wrote you,

And all u'll see will be a clear background, grey...

I could write a lot of words, describing myself,

Just to show how interesting person i can be,

But right after that i won't say anything,

And i will leave and let u solve that mistery...

I could write u a collection of books with my life,

Just to show the beauty of Life,

But right after that, i will burn those books,

Cos the complex words are nothing to me,

But only the simplest ones,

Full of truth, cold as ice,

Will be those musical tones,

That i always wish to hear,

So, then, these ones are written but not deleted;

These truths, now, were stated.


Submitted: March 24, 2010

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