A vizion of luv

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I wanted to display a day n tha light with a close friend.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



I look’d I saw n u & him sumthang call’d A Vizion Of Luv

A picture I held tight, n my chest I was happy Tha Lord gave u a chance

To have found sumone who shared luv with u Mrs. Hodges…his name Richard

A man who was happy betta’ believe his eyes sparkl’d, Tha Star he was wish’n upon

Finally fell n him…I was glad I was there to see his vizion come true…

I kno’ I had only known u 4 a moment, but, Tha movement n my chest

I too only hoped n ur position, I would someday b…seek’n out A Vizion of Luv


I ‘member u ‘member u ask’d me not too come to ur Wedding n a wrinkl’d outfit

Ur a kewl lady, I really cared about r friendship & did wut u ask’d…sparklin’ cider

Sit n my glass at tha reception, it was an occasion I knew I jus’ could’nt miss

Sat far away enuf’ from tha stage, if I can remember correctly, I danc’d with u


Cupid play’d as 112 sang is Tha Song that raced through my head, think’n may’b

One day I’ll b with someone who’ll feel tha same as me, tha way Mr. Hodges felt ‘bout u

A Vizion of Luv danc’d ‘round and through me like a vessel, Tha Ship, I kno’ I will neva’

Step foot on, pass’d ladies up left & right, I luv too swim, but u’ll neva’ see me on Tha Titanic


All tha time I came too ur house ‘member that room with ur other friend we paint’d

U kno’ Tha Blue Room, u 2 had a vision didn’t u fly’n too tha starz leav’n Tha Moon

Far b-hind u, u weren’t happy were u…

A Vizion of Luv disconnect’d, like a phone line, separat’d, y’d u leave him 

Re’connect that phone find him, do wut “New Edition” did…Mr. Telephone Man him

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