Affiliation with Gay Pride

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I was on a writing streak.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



U don’t see a jealousy cloud rain’n over our parade

It’s a gay pride union w/performers rock’n tha stage

Fans n tha crowds, mics n hand beats n bags

It’s a gay revolution come and meet us fags

We have tha stage presence and tha potential of

Perform’n ‘til we drop dead…

Its gay pride for those we defeat n tha street

Over shit that’s said…its gay pride. Wut. Gay pride

For those who take over afta’ our time is through

We’re open’n up passages for new gay pools…

Of folks fight’n for their rights, bet u straight folks

Won’t take over our revolution after we come to ur schools.


We’ve come out of tha closet we think u should too

Come & join us for a Family reunion and a bar-b-q

U’ll b n for a surprise, bet u won’t b-lieve ur eyez

Know’n ur n search of one of our one on one slide shows

Of gurl on gurl & guy on guy that u’ll b reliev’d

Wen u scream its Gay pride…

Bet ur tired of tha same ol’ shit day afta’ day

With tha straight life for which u portray

But its nut’n to us, cause we live it ev’ry day

U straight folks live n a fantasy & r undercover

But set urself free & true release u’ll discover

Affiliation with us, will help u find ur luv’r.


Our Affiliation with Gay Pride, has reach’d new heights

If one falls down, we all fall down…

But we get back up, course that’s how we stand tall

Neva’ let’n any one of our team members fall


Its tha judicial system whose got their heads loose

But we’ve got tha Gay Pride, to turn tha juice loose

On these mo’fuckers, whose concern is with tha straight guys

 Who come out all over tha tabloids with gossip & lies

About tha Gay movement, I’m sure we won’t abide

By any rules as follows there will b brighter days 4 tomorrow

Its about time we take n stride our Affiliation with Gay Pride

We’ve known all our lives so don’t take offense

 When we walk on ur side of tha fence…

We’re taking over tha ring, we have tha champions belt

We’re lash’n back at tha shit u’ve dealt!

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