Cried Over Tha Things He Did

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He wasn't good enuf for her.

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011



Y he never sheltered her heart

it cut my heart like a blade

when he took her out

he never saw tha root of excape

when he explained tha kiss

she flipped her wig she

cried over tha things he did

wished he wasn't in her life

from tha beginning.


he grabbed her by tha wrist

pulled her close

but she was still pissed

with him for kissing anothers lips

she never got that memory

out of her head

so, despite his actions she

ran out on him instead


she gave up her relation with him

his path looked grim

he lost her and gave up on tha life he lived

kissing other women wasn't tha life for him

he wanted her back in his life

but she felt she wasn't right for him

she kissed his lips and said good-bye to him


good-bye was a foreign word to him

so he thought he was being framed

since he was to blame she put him to shame

by calling him out of his name

and leaving him to play a game

by himself that he liked to play

cheating behind her back

just to get his way

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