Cry If U Want 2

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I cried to this poem.

Submitted: December 22, 2011

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Submitted: December 22, 2011



I can disappear & reappear as many times as I want 2
but yet and still b tha best that I ever have been 2 u
U can neva say I was tha worst 2 u, been thru many things
u've neva been thru so screw u I don't need 2 apologise 4 wut
I went thru with u, apologising is a way of punkn out
when u don't take n2 consideration tha fact ur time is up
and at tha top of ur lungs u begin 2 scream & shout
Come on get with tha program thats not wut friendships bout.

Cry If U Want 2-
It seems a change n tha weather has spoil'd my views
My focus & attention u c is no longer on u-
Cry If U Want 2-
U b'liev'd & just 2 think u were greater than me
Puts me on tha highest level for tha world 2 see
U left me too interrupt tha world now c wut bcomes of me gurl
I polishd off tha scenic route so it was time 2 give u tha boot
So, U Can Cry If U Want 2-
I said, Cry If U Want 2-

Must've been a tear n tha corner of ur eye-
Cause everytime u c me, u seem 2 b surpris'd
Ain't enuf passion n this world that's gonna bring me back
2 tha heart of some1, I luv'd, wen u didn't luv me back
Cry If U Want 2-
Cry If U Want 2-
Tha decisions been made & I don't want u back
Cause I cried 2 hard wen I went down that path
U drove me insane wen apart of me died-
Ever since then, that was tha last time I cried-

I c u n tha distance r u spy'n on me-
2 c where my next move is gonna b
Gonna find me a woman may b 1, 2, or 3
Find a woman, some1 who's gonna cherish me
Luv me 4 tha person she's known me 2 b
Came out of tha closet, I was stuck n 2 yrs. ago
She help'd me thru some ruff times, so I had 2 let u go
Ur no longer a vision I c n my sight, I took my time
Supervis'd my thoughts til I found tha woman who was right.

So Cry If U Want 2.....
Then Cry If U Want 2....
Bcause u can Cry If U Want 2....

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