I'm run'n deep

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I was in another state of mind when i wrote this.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



I’m tak’n u with me and I don’t kno’ y

? do u kno’ y, I penetrat’d ur heart

when I first started run’n deep n ur yard

I play’d on tha playground, twirl’n u on that

Merry-go-round that Keith Sweat took me on…

When I first seen u I felt like run’n deep

Head first n ur cup of wine penetrat’n though I did’nt kno y

I gave u tha attention but u lack’d luv & affection

So I turn’d & ran n tha other direction_

Like tha yellow pages my two fingers we’re tha only thing walk’n

I may have scar’d u but n ur mind I’m run’n deep

Like tha ocean deep nside u…

I’m tha one that let tha Niagra Fall cause

Out of my mouth too u I crawl’d, like a roach

On tha floor, nigga, I smash’d him.


I’m run’n deep though n my bed u creep’d with someone

Cause I woke up out of my sleep to see u lying with him

out of my eyes I could see u latch onto someone who was not me

so I claw’d & rip’d that nigga to shreds, tortur’d

his ass while lay’n next to u, n my bed…

I rip’d out his spleen, gurl I was mad as hell cause ur body

Is s’posed to b with me, I’m Run’n Deep

Nside my mind cause I won’t allow anyone to break thru

this barricade I’ve made n my head-

u tried to creep nside but I didn’t let u creep n my sleep

cause my mind wouldn’t let u peep nside…

where a place like home is, I’m not tha type to abide by tha rules

cause of course I make my own rules, cause nigga I choose too…

step deeper & deeper ‘til I get next to tha crypt keeper & lock u

up n tha cage where tha grave gets colder & colder…

but each night that goes by u get older yet bolder &

ur so scar’d u can’t even control ya’self, so don’t let me

b that last mo’fucker u set on yo’ shelf.


I may b that trophy that u earn’d, but tha missile u let go

That to I burn’d, like that doobie u roll’d, that cigerette u burn’d

I lit that bitch like a firecracker…

U’ve heard nut’n until u’ve heard from me, so, don’t think

For one minute I let u off easily-

I’m tha one still lodg’d n tha back of ur mind & n time

I’ll b that missile u left b-hind, find me I think not…

I left u b-hind cause ur tha one I forgot-

Left u with a hole n ur heart, like a murmur, I live n u

Walk with u, I’ve seen ev’rything burn nside u…

N my mind, I turn’d u out, but dismiss’d u cause wut we had

Was not wut I thought…

Soooo, I’m Run’n Deep-

Slowly & I kno’ ur still gonna b open 2 me, cause finally…

U see truly all that u need’d & want’d 2 see truth is u’ll

Always luv me tenderly.


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