Mental Capacity

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I was angered at tha time I wrote this piece.

Submitted: December 19, 2011

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Submitted: December 19, 2011



I’m mak’n room for new thoughts too pass through

My Mental Capacity was not built too hold negative thoughts

But I can if I have too…

Fly past u, cause life for me is done, luv for u, has been through

Woman, I’m done think’n of u…

My Mental Capacity is full cause now I fly right past u

Like a bird, u see perch’d on a live wire n tha air, I burnt u…

Made ur ass for dinner, like dessert I ate u up, fuck tha dumb shit

I’m fuck’n done try’n 2 b tha only one who luv’s u…

My Mental Capacity I am not try’n too ruin, keep doin’ that stupid shit kid

Tha door for u again may neva’ open.

Man watch this, some live shit, I’m not gonna do this, get married if I don’t want too

My Mental Capacity will not b run’n gurl I no longer want to b desir’n a woman

Whose hid’n shit like u do, hid’n shit b-hind ur back mak’n me question

Ur ev’ry move…fuck this shit nigga move…tonight I’ma b that fresh cat

Ludacris, so “move bitch get out tha way”, no I’m not done yet u jus’

Miss’d this new intelligent kid who spits his new shit.


I’m capable of doin’ what I fuck’n please, if u luv’d me like I been hear’n

People say u do, u’d b that real nigga and get on ur knees 4 me…

I ain’t been look’n for no trick bitch, fuck tha dumb shit gurl I b n ur lap like a nigga

But I b luv’n u that much betta’, ‘cause u kno’ I luv ya…

Though I’m hat’n all tha dumb shit ur fuck’n hid’n, man I’m out of here shit I’m rid’n

Out of this bitch…I’m treat’n u like tha trick u show’n me u is…

I hear ur a kewl lil’ momma but ur show’n me so much different, fuck this bent shit

I’m not with it…if u want me lady come get it…show me kid ur a betta’ woman than any

Other woman who’s fuck’n out there, my Mentals r not vib’n with that negative shit

If u want someone whose gonna beat ya’, than u need too b with him shit no I’m not

Keith Sweat, ‘cause I’m not ‘bout too b mix’d up n some twist’d shit…

Whether u luv me or not babe

I’m outta here.


Please, Listen up, ‘cause

I’m send’n u a message…

Somthin’ I think u really need too get with is a new luv system, I’m not him who’s gonna get with it

It sure will not b me, cause tha way ur goin’ ‘bout it, I’m someone again u will neva’ see…

So, please go ur own way, lady go on ahead and forget ‘bout me…

I have a mind-set that no one has eva’ seen so man if ur search’n too luv someone 4 eternity

let me say that man, if u don’t get some act right, luv from my heart, will not b insert’d n2 ur chest…

luv was meant but not 4 me and u, so tha mission I’ve been on man, is no longer show’n u that

I have feel’ns for u, I can’t nor I won’t live thru a life of depression, with u think’n I’m cry’n out for u

That’s jus’ some real shit I’m not try’n too do…

Luv is n my chest but I’m not try’n too get hurt b-hind some stupid shit u think ur gonna b put’n me thru…

I’m no longer run’n too u talk’n ‘bout my hurt heart, ‘cause u could care less wut life has been put’n me thru…

My heart has been damaged too many times, but I’m always tha one fix’n it like a flat tire…

Woman ur tha one I let go, like a job, let’n u go, woman u jus’ got fired.

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