This Tha Crap

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I was hurt behind some stupid ish

Submitted: December 21, 2011

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Submitted: December 21, 2011




I’m a rap like this kid

Aight here I go with my flow…


Cause of my moms I was liv’n

In my car 4 a month & a half, shit

I’ma flip this

Don’t speak 2 her much

Can’t stand tha bitch

b-cause of her

I have a chip

On my shoulders

It grows everyday that I live

It’s not goin’ away flip this


Neva again in life will I discuss

My life bcause of tha shit she did

Fuck that bitch


Didn’t want her no way

To move in to my brothers spot

To live with us kid


Wut I told her was, if this spot

Was mine that I call’d my own

Her ass would have neva set foot n my home


My pride I hide and I cause of this bitch

Me and my brother no longer talk like we used to

Before she moved in


But does it matter

When I was younger

I helped this fucken bitch

Pay her bills and shit

My dad is no longer with us

My heart and soul fucken

Died with him…


Everyday of my life I kept my love inside for him

He wasn’t rich but he was good enough to let his Daughter in

To his life he held sacred

With the lord our father

Went too church every Sunday

Just to praise him


I swear everyday I cry tears

Tears run from my eyes over losing him

I’d give anything just for

Him to b here with me again

Damn lord let some sunshine in

For this lonely kid

I’ma rap this shit


I’m livin’ with

A different world and shit

No one knows wut its like to live like this



This bitch got me dealing with


Reason why I’m look’n for a spot to crash

To b able to live in my own crib

To stash my shit

Damn livin’ in this world

I fucken quit.

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