My Girl

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its about a boy who has the most sweetest heart but has no love.

Submitted: September 29, 2014

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Submitted: September 29, 2014



Once upon a time there was a boy who had the sweetest heart;compation and he was caring but one thing he did not have or actualy know was love and having a girl in your life.

For many years he has overheard people talking about love;feelings and having a girl friend and he was confused because when he asked what love is people laugh at him;but deep inside he told himself that he will find out wat love is so he went to look for a love feeling and a girl.

He was very brave because he walked juring the night and askaped all the trouble he was in...and all that was to find a girl.

On his way he made new friends and he touched too many people with his kind heart and made many families re-unite.

One day he reached a village called love there he saw a beautiful young girl who was picking flowers from the garden near a river fall and the boy was struck by a feeling he has never felt before;slowly the boy was pushed by the will of love towards the beautiful girl who had beautiful brown eyes and shiny silky golden hair.

His heart was beating like a drum and that very strange feeling got very storng because he was geting closer and closer to the girl;when he got there the beautiful girl looked at the boy and the boys bravery torned to fear\"excuse me beautiful girl\"(said the boy)\"yes?\"(said the girl replying with a soft voice)\"i would like to ask what is love\"(said the boy trebling with fear;the girl smilled at the boy and said\"lets find a place to sit down and i will tell you.

They found a bench by the big tree of love that was well know all over the village and was known to join herats;they sat down and the girl explained everything about love.

The following day the boy wrote a letter to the girl saying\"i now understand love and i would like us to be lovers\";with luck the girl agreed and the boy finaly found love but more than that...he had found his girl

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