The Box

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Laywick, a Rogue Angel from Haven has spent his many years as a pruifer on earth and now comes into contact with a human like never before. Trapped in a safehouse with a demon that he had been hunting for many years now, Laywick faces ultimate fears and decisions that will decide his eternal fate.

Submitted: March 24, 2014

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Submitted: March 24, 2014



The situation was unfortunate. Laywick had gone from the heights of a spree to the lowest state a  creature of his power could go. He felt slightly embarrassed being trapped within the walls of a mere mortal built safe house. There were no windows; the air was thick and smelled of toxins coming from the outside. The floor of the safe house was covered in a very shallow pool of dark murky water; the only source of light was coming from a florescent ceiling bulb that dimmed in and out. The room was large enough for the two, being a thirty square foot space with cold metal walls that just seem to speak the essence of depression into the air. The stranger in the corner vomited and screamed in pain with aggressive physical actions, swinging his fists back and slamming the walls, Laywick stayed far back to the corner and watched disturbed and slightly afraid.

He was not scared of the boy himself as much as what possessed the stranger, a demon by the name Deathmar who was highly dangerous. Laywick had been hunting this monster for many years now but his current vulnerability to the creature’s power made him increasingly uneasy. After constant slamming and screaming the stranger tired himself out and collapsed from exhaustion with the demons power residing quietly. Laywick breathed deeply as a small thought of relief comforted him with the stranger now unconscious. Pressing his back heavily up against the wet wall he slowly let his weight fall, and as he slid down to a sitting position with his hands on his knees he pictured the events that led up to this entire situation in his head. Laywick wiped the rusty water from his face and sat silently.

He strayed into deep thought… he’d been on this earth since the early days before the great waters. His long life was filled with more breaking emotion then he cared to think about. He looked with partial sorrow on the boy who had been laying on the floor for some time now but paid him no bother as Laywick’s mind strayed to the thoughts of getting out of the box once the toxins from outside subsided. Minutes passed slowly as the room began to get warmer and warmer. Even though Laywick was an immortal angel he had taken possession of a mortal body when he arrived on the earth. This body had served him his entire life on this planet and had grown to become strong and powerful yet still was not absent from the senses of pain and exhaustion.

Suddenly the body of the boy gasped deeply for air and his eyes raged open. He spat murky water out of his mouth that had been lazily cupped under his tongue. As he squirmed upwards from his stomach to his feet and looked shockingly at his surrounding environment. Startled, Laywick slowly stood back up on his feet. He observed the boy’s current expressions and how his weight was shifted then concluded that the person was not currently under the influence of the demon.

“That is odd… why isn’t the demon possessing him?” Laywick thought to himself silently, he had no doubt that the demon was still within the boy, but the question pressed why is the demon letting him rest.

Laywick, who had little interaction with actual people regardless of the amount of time he had spent on this earth stood quietly and awkwardly in from of the boy. Finally when no one decided to speak out Laywick asked, to break the silence, “What is your name?”

“Boal,” he responded quickly in a shaky tone. “I’m not… feeling very well…” Boal, still attempting to grasp the realization that the demon had abused his body, suddenly sat down in a hurry on the wet floor and laid his hands over his more vulnerable wounds all the while shaking from both shock and the wet cold. Boal was in shock. He had never experienced something so horrific as having his thoughts and vision replaced with a demonic being. Previous to the entire series of events that led up to this point Boal didn’t even believe in such creatures as demons and angels. But after all that he had been through recently, his disbeliefs had turned into nightmares.  

Laywick walked over to him to attend his cuts and bruises as a gesture of kindness, but as he reached over to help the boy, Boal unintentionally threw Laywick away and screamed in a demonic voice. Laywick backed off slowly and softly and said: “You’re being possessed, by a demon that goes by the name Deathmar.”

Boal sat silently, a dark depressing state came over him and he scurried closer to Laywick pleading, “You, you were the man that tried to stop the explosion, I saw you in the plaza… Please, can you help me?”

Laywick shunned Boal cautiously and simply said, “there is nothing I can do.” With the realization that nothing could be done, Boal sunk back down to his knees and remained silent accepting the fact that he may die under the demon’s possession.

“I have little to live for anyway,” Boal cried softly.

Pity filled Laywick’s heart and he crouched down to eye level with the boy and looked him in the face. His hair was a wet mess; one could barely tell it was a light desert brown once. His eyes were red and bloodshot while his mediocre frame and arms seemed to sink with his thoughts. His clothes were torn and burnt, three major gashes could be easily observed in his right shoulder, right thigh, and left knee. Scratches and mud covered the rest of his appeal. One could easily say he had such a low disposition that not even an animal would enjoy his current presence.

Laywick ran through his mind to find anything that could take the boy’s mind off of the fact that a demon lay inside his very soul… “My name is Laywick,” was the best he could come up with.

Boal shifted his eyes up without moving his head to meet laywick’s and then sent them back down to the floor asking in reply to Laywicks short thought: “You’re not a human are you?”

Laywick surprised by the question quickly replied: “No”

“What are you then?” Boal asked urgently as he began to clutch his sides with both his arms crossed tightly.

Laywick, noticing that Boal was beginning to lose sanity again replied quickly, “I was once an angel serving under the Lord… The Creator, but complications happened and I was cast out, onto this world. I took up a mortal body and used my strength and power to hunt down abominations of the world that many people today believe to be myth, for example Frankenstein, or the modern stalker known to you as Slenderman. I hunt these creatures and erase their existence from your world.”

Boal did not look amused, and surprisingly did not doubt what Laywick had just said considering the events that had just taken place with him being possessed and all. Boal simply looked away and gestured with a tiring tone in a very awkward way, “How exciting, you must have had an incredible life.”

Silence filled the room once more, as Laywick sensed the sarcasm in Boal’s voice and the boy growing more and more insane.

Boal then asked in a cracked voice, “So why, do you hunt the creatures? You are not commanded too if God had cast you out…” But before Laywick could answer, the demon retook Boal’s body in a violent manner and caused him to begin kicking up water and smashing his head against the door of the box. It was even more intense than the last possession as Boal struggled to fight the demon who clearly had a stronger grip on his mind.

Laywick backed cautiously into his corner attempting to avoid any conflict. As he observed the torture the demon inflicted upon Boal, his thoughts and soul grew evermore guilty. Suddenly silence filled the room and Boal stood straight and still with his head down. He looked with darkened eyes over towards Laywick and then spoke in a voice that was not his own, “Laywick. Your spree is at end; the creatures of my master that you have damned over these years will enforce the call for dark justice by the hand of Death.”

Laywick stood completely still, not making a single movement. After a long pause of silence the demon within Boal spoke again, “I can see you pity this stupid man. It will be your death to watch him suffer, and once he is done and gone, I will destroy you…” The demon suddenly withdrew his obvious presence form Boal and the boy fell to the floor once more unconscious.

After a few minutes Boal awoke in a similar manner to what had happened early. He jumped up and looked over at Laywick with sorrow in his eyes. Laywick shared no emotion with the boy and gestured his eyes away in guilt.

“There is truly nothing you can do?” Boal asked angrily

“There is nothing. The demon will kill you, then kill me,” Laywick replied sternly. Saying this in such an emotionless manner caused both Laywick and Boal to shake in fear.

“So all we can do is wait?” Boal replied.

Laywick looked over at the boy and his eyebrows sank as he tripped over words in his mind he could say to relieve the situation

“It’s not all we can do. We can talk…” There was a short pause as neither spoke, then Laywick continued… “You’re a strong person Boal, I…” He stumbled to find words, “…most other people I’ve encountered would not be able to speak and sit the way you are now…”

Another pause cut the tension in the room to an awkward situation. Laywick, realizing that he was failing to find something to say, took another stab at attempting to take Boal’s mind off the current situation to appease his conscience and asked, “Tell me about yourself, about your home.” Boal, who was completely stunned by what Laywick had just said, slowly gathered what words he could and began to talk about his home.

“Well, I grew up in the country. It was a cold place, but beautiful with lots of rich soul, light green grass and the mountains were always a sight to behold. My family was small, I was an only child and by the time I turned thirteen we moved to the city. I had few friends both in the city and in the country…”

Boal paused realizing details of his life then spoke angrily, “Any life that I once had was barely worth living. My father abused my mother, and the friends I had were no better than he was. The people in my life have shaped my situation and the person I am today, and I blame them for the depression that has encompassed me… My whole life has just been hell on earth, even the details of my normal days were bad…”

Laywick stood up and rebuked Boal saying, “The only person shaping your life is you! You have full control over your soul, not others. If you want it to burn in hell and blame the family and friends, regardless of their state for the wellbeing of your life, then so be it. But if you truly want to live, I suggest you look deeper and humble yourself…” The sudden outburst from Laywick caused a small shock in Boal’s mind but he quickly retaliated in rage after a few short silent seconds saying sarcastically, “And you speak as if you have had experience!”

Laywick was silent, because in his mind he knew that he had very little in common with humans. His entire life he went from shadow to shadow keeping out of connection with the everyday people, partly becaused he was jelous of them. The Creator died for man and not his own people. With an attempt to smooth over the entire conflict that had just dispersed with Boal, Laywick said, “I don’t know how you feel exactly, but I can get the picture because, you’re not afraid to display it. We have both gone our own paths and by fate we are here together at this point in time for a reason. There are no coincidences in any universe.”

Boal leaned in close to Laywick, anger still stricken across his face and said quietly “Why do you even care?”

Laywick could feel his soul press up against his physical mind as he knew the whole conversation’s purpose was to make him feel better by making Boal feel better, but with a quick thought. He replied with half a lie… “This whole conversation is supposed to help us both think outside the box. That was my intension… to get our mind off of the safehouse we’re in and into the world we came from.”

Both Laywick and Boal were silent as all emotions of anger were wiped from their face and replaced with sorrow once more as that phrase sank in.

“Thinking outside the box,” Boal spoke softly, “I guess you could say our life is a box, and this can apply for anyone, both angel and human, that sometimes we all need to just think outside the box and get our minds off of the world and into the place where we belong.”

Laywick let a smile slip from his sorrow, both he and Boal knew that there was a grand truth in that small statement that could be applied to both of their lives regardless of the fact that they were not even the same kind of creatures.

“Do you believe in the Creator Boal?” Laywick asked.

“I did once... but events in my life caused me to leave those beliefs,” Boal replied quietly, “but I think, I can believe in him once again.”

“I think I can too,” Laywick replied with another smile spearing from his aged face.

But before Boal could once more fully accept the truth he had once believed, the demon retook his body and began to torture him once more. This time Laywick panicked instead of shrinking into the corner. He shouted in an eager way for the demon to stop the abuse on Boal, but nothing was able to grasp the creature’s attention. Boal screamed and Laywick could hear the conflict between Boal’s free mind and the demon. The two burst in a split personality war like that of Jekyll and Hyde as both struggled to regain dominance. After some struggling, Boal stood still, as he looked up at Laywick and the demon spoke once more out of the mouth of Boal towards Laywick, “You think I would have let this worm accept the truth of my enemy?!”

“Let him go!” Laywick shouted

“Fool! You have hunted my kin and my brothers for ages upon ages. Even the abominations of nature you have silenced such of that as The Crooked One and the Rake. I will carry out my master’s will and damn this child of Man to hellfire and then watch you wallow in sorrow because your eternal sins make you a demon. The Creator did not die for you Laywick, he died for man. If you are not holy like the other angels you are one of us! You are a servant of Satan!”

“We are not the same,” Laywick said cowering at the intensity of the demon’s voice.

“You think you can justify your sins by slaying our kin? Because that is what you have been doing ever since you were cast out of haven with Death and the rest of us!”

“If you will not let him go then take me…  I will accept your presence willingly you will not have to fight me. My body is yours and my soul is yours but only if you let Boal be free.”

“You would grant me your physical form and soul with the exception that I release this mortal?”

“Yes,” he replied simply.

Laywick was shaking, he was both afraid and confidant that the demon would accept his proposal. The air seemed thicker and the demon in Boal’s body was silent for a significant period of time. Finally the creature spoke out to Laywick and said, “I will accept your proposal”

Laywick nodded cautiously and then stood back and watched as the demon invisibly released Boal who collapsed onto the wet floor as the creature withdrew from his soul. Laywick’s entire life from the moment of his creation to the current situation he sat in began to flash through his mind. His journey from whence he was cast out to the thousands of years he walked the earth looking to redeem his actions had now brought him to this moment. He looked back with sorrow on the years he sought to find peace in the destruction of evil but realized that all the years he had been doing it wrong.

Regardless of the fact that I am an angel I needed to accept the Good over destroying the evil... As does everyone, both man and angel…” He thought to himself silently

The demon suddenly overtook Laywick, and he fell to his knees attempting not to struggle against the monster’s power for Boal’s sake and this is what it felt like… A sudden pulse of pain coming up from Laywick’s heart caused the blood that carried the body to which his immortal soul had encompassed to boil. One by one his senses dropped, first his hearing, then his smell quickly followed up by his taste which led to a slow and painful procession of his ability to feel. By the time the creature had encompassed the majority of his body and mind his vision was the last thing to fade. His mind blanked out as if he were falling asleep to horrors just as his sight went black, the last thing he saw was the awakening blink of the boy he had saved.

Boal awoke in pain and the first thing he noticed was the now shaking body of Laywick standing not too far from his. He jumped to his feet as quickly as he could as he ignored the massive amount of pain his own body felt. He knew what had happened. He was aware that Laywick had sacrificed himself for him. Boal noticed something terribly different about Laywick that had not been seen before. His eyes were solid black, almost as if he had no eyes to begin with, and there was no emotion on his face. The demon now spoke through Laywick’s body in a very dark tone that seemed amplified and ever more terrifying then what it was within Boal’s.

“Your friend saved you at what cost? Did he not know that I would just kill you shortly after I took his own body?” The monster moved closer to Boal who couldn’t help but wonder why Laywick had sacrificed himself in such a foolish way, until it hit him.

“I know why he saved me,” Boal said proudly.

This random comment confused the demon for a slight second and forced him into a state of curiosity. He asked intently “Why did he save you then?”

“He saved me, because I needed time to receive a Savior… and now because he has given that time to me, your goal to destroy my soul has been defeated… And I see all the better what The Savior had done for me because Laywick has done the same. So go on kill me. I, have… so much to live for.”

The demon knew he had been outwitted but that did not fail to let his pride remain for being the destroyer of Laywick the Rogue Demon Slayer. He slowly approached Boal and grabbed his neck with one devastatingly strong hang and lifted him into the air. Moments later Boal’s lifeless body dropped to the floor. His spirit was free. The creature, then within Laywicks body, broke the door to the box and left the room forever.

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