The Tale of Two Wars

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The soldiers fight one war, and the family, another.

Submitted: July 31, 2011

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Submitted: July 31, 2011



I quickly walked behind

The group of people in front of me.

I raised up

On my toes

To get a glimpse of my father.

He was going away,

Far away,

As a soldier, serving faithfully;

But the looks on the people around me.

That told the real story.

They watched.

They cried.

They waved.

I thought of the chance of some

Not coming back at all.

I waved to my father.

I tried to look


I tried to feel


But inside was fear.

Fear of things I could not control.

And the fear of things that

Were in my control.

My father was going to


But back home,

I was just as frightened.

I won't hear gunshots at night

Or hear bombs go off.


I think of hearing the doorbell ringing,

Followed by my mother


I feel the pain of what could happen.

It's technically

Not real.

It's theoretically

Not substantial.

But it feels real. It feels

Like it could happen.

I watch the bus drive away

As it leaves me . . .

To my own


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