grand clock

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

this is about a giant clock that controls time. i am not done and i hope it's good when i am done. please leave feedback!

What if time wasn’t run by some sort of scientific clause and rather by a giant clock that was found on the coast of Africa?


What happens when that clock is found?


And what happens when it fails?




It was a simple flight for entertainment over the Atlantic.


We were coming in for a landing when something interesting changed our destination and our lives.


As we dipped down to land on the beach, the sand spreaded apart to form a valley.


The valley seemed to pull our plane into it. We were being pulled into it with no control over the plane.


Once the sand subsided, we could finally see where we were headed.


A plate of rocks.


We braced ourselves for the impact when it didn’t come.


Instead, the rocks were sliding into the coast of Africa to let us pass.


A cavern filled with rubble and sand is what we actually land in.


We get out of the plane, dazed, only to realize that we aren’t imagining what we see in front of us.


A giant clock.


It ticks at a perfect rate, exactly one second between ticks.


It is perfectly in sync with the local time zone.


We are about to leave when we notice a shining knob at the base of the clock.


Tick. Tick. Tick.


We walk up to it, and I gently turn it.


Suddenly, the clock starts ticking slower.


I shrug, disappointed.


I turn around to leave again.


Not until I begin to walk to the plane do I realize what the clock really did.


I seem suddenly slowed, as does everything else.


Yet I think the same speed.


Tick… Tick…


I walk back to the knob and turn it in the opposite direction to put it back to where it started, and everything speeds up again.


Tick. Tick. Tick.


I turn it more to see what happens.


Everything continues to speed up until there seems to be no passing time.


Except my thoughts.


Tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick tick


Then, I put it back where it started to leave and report what I saw to the officials.




“So, you saw a clock…” our leader says, “... that controls time?”


We nod our heads.


“But you still think the same speed?”


We nod again.


He laughs at the absurdity of our statement before fully thinking through the possibilities.


Then he suddenly stops.


“So… this clock… can you take me to it?” He seems to think this is urgent.


We walk to the plane and gesture for him to come.


“If this clock is real… it could put us back at the top,” he says with a seriousness that says that this about more than just the economy.


Submitted: March 07, 2018

© Copyright 2020 That One Day. All rights reserved.

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