The tale of the sliding cake

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A short tale of about cakes and magic.

Submitted: November 16, 2017

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Submitted: November 16, 2017



A long time ago before the discovery of the internet, there once lived a boy named Kale who lived with his mother in a quite village on top of mountain. Kale and his mother were very poor for they were left by his father during the war and was never to return, they settled on eating stale bread and water.

Frustrated Kale spoke to his mother ill. “Mother, I am tired of eating stale bread and water. Why can we not have meat or cake like other people do?”

His mother replied “It’s all your father had left us Kale. How about you go down the mountain to look for some game, I could make some soup with the meat and we can sell the skin for some gold.”

Convinced by his mother’s words, Kale took off as soon as the light of dawn came the very next day. As Kale trekked unto the rocky paths of the forest, he saw footprints, knowingly he set ups his traps all over the forest. The short whispers of the forest turn silent and the light of the day turns to dusk. Kale made his way around then he took out the catch from his traps. As he inspected all the snares he put up. He only captured a rabbit and a few squirrels.

 Satisfied with his catch, he then made his way back home to show his mother what he was able to catch that day. As Kale went up the rocky paths back to the village he soon approached an old crippling woman going down the mountain, the woman spoke hoarsely. “My lad what a very nice catch you have there. I am travelling to a very far off place. Will you be able to trade with me with the meat you caught?” doubtful and dejected Kale replied to the woman. “I am willing to do so. But may you have to offer than can be of same value to the meat I’ve caught?”

The woman earnestly, as she took out a strange object out from her ransack that she was carrying. She laid it in front to Kale for him to see. The object look like a small wooden oven carved out from a piece of oak.

Kale was taken aback by the woman’s offer. “You think you can fool me into giving you my catch for this cabinet piece?” But the woman smiled still and replied with great enthusiasm. “My son be fooled by what you think it is or you may’ll never truly know what it could be. For this my boy is magical oven that can make anything you want. Just say ‘Bubble, Bubble, Oven Baking’ if you want the oven to make you something and if you want it to stop just simple say ‘Desist, Oven, Ceasing.’

Horror struck Kale never expected to come up with a witch but was filled with grave curiosity and took over his fear for the old woman. In the end Kale was able to accept the offer to trade most his catch for the oven. Both went their separate ways, as Kale reached home. His mother saw him quizzically carrying a wooden cabinet.

“My son, were you able to catch anything?” His mother asked.

“I did, but I traded it for this wooden oven.”Kale replied enthusiastically. And laid the wooden cabinet unto the table and tried it for the first time and said the words. And magically there was a fully bake cake inside. Joyfully he took the cake out of the oven and ate it, it tasted sweet and delicious. Happy with their discovery the mother and son feasted that night.

The next day Kale left again to catch some meat. His mother however gotten hungry and tried to get some food from the oven, she said the magical words and ate until she was full. As she finished her last meal, she proceeded to stop the oven from baking but forgotten the words to stop the oven from baking. She tried everything to make it stop, but the oven kept on baking until their kitchen was filled with cake and eventually their house and the whole village, and until the whole mountain was covered in white cake that made the mountain looked like it has snowy top.  It was said that the oven kept on baking until this very day and the cakes it made kept on sliding slowly covering the mountain in a deliciously sweet white layer of white cakes.


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