An Original Love Story

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? true love can be seen and felt, it depends on which acts represent which. ?

Submitted: January 27, 2012

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Submitted: January 27, 2012



This young couple, you know what they're like. The average teenage couple who think they're so in love, and you're sitting there like: they don't even know what love is yet. But you'd be surprised, at how much they really do know, because they're different when they're alone in a room. These two young kids, one boy, one girl, who know each other inside and out, who have a different side of them when nobody else is around. They've been each other's goods, and they've been each other's bads. They can't even tell who the other one is anymore, and it's like they were looking into a mirror.

This boy and this girl had they're own like going for them. They had all the time in the world to do whatever it is that they wanted to do. They were finally ready to start planning their own lives.

This girl was like any other. She was the one who had what all the boys wanted. She was the one who was pretty enough to win contests, but not pretty enough to be a model. She was more than just a pretty face, but that's all anyone ever saw of her. Leave it to her to get into a guy's head in less than an hour, but that wasn't her everyday plan.

This boy, was just like this girl. He had everything the ladies wanted and more. He gave his all at everything he did. He was like every other guy, star player on the football team, handsome, nice, and funny. He knew all the right things to say, and all the right times when to say them. He was never once known for being sly or sneaky, because he was a straightforward kind of guy.

This girl had this long beautiful hair. Some days it looked normal, just a shiny brown mass on the top of her hair, and others it looked like a giant mudslide of caramel and chocolate. There was no telling what it was going to look like everyday, it just did. She wasn't tall, but she wasn't short. She wasn't skinny, and she wasn't fat. She was the all around perfect figure for any boy that would want her. She had these beautiful brown eyes that matched her everyday different brown hair. Either way it made everyone get lost in them.

This boy again was the same, but obviously for a guy. He was tall, and super handsome. He had this short almost shaved black hair. He was very masculine and big, in his muscles and his abs. He was more than just a pretty boy. He was super strong and he was very sensitive. He knew how to make the ladies fall in love with his every move, his every look, his every word.

Get this boy and this girl in the same place, at the same time, and you'll get a fiery explosion. Not of evil, not of good, not of anything more than love and compassion. These two got together and instantly their traits, good looks, and personalities connected within a heart beat. There was no stopping what was happening. The strength and power that came from this connection was able to knock anything out of it's path stronger than a train plowing through a car. It really was love.


And now, THEIR story.


This relationship lasted what seemed like forever. Matthew Strainer and Claire Bonnet were clearly in love. they'd been together for three years now and to them it seemed like a lifetime. But clearly they didn't complain about that because they knew that it would mean a longer time period.

It was prom night for them at this Arizona high school. There wasn't any senior in high school that wasn't excited for this event. There wasn't a single senior that wasn't going, and not going alone. Even though a majority of the seniors didn't have dates, they still went with friends. They even brought friends that didn't go to that school, because here, it was allowed.

This prom was just like another prom from the movies. It was a fairy-tale prom that ended with the prettiest girl in school being voted for prom queen, and the hottest boy in school being voted for prom king. And that meant Matthew and Claire. But they were too bust dancing together and being lost in their own little world to know that when it was announced. A couple of heavy breathing dancers nearby tapped them on the shoulders and suddenly popped the little bubble that excluded their world, to the real world. Slowly the two teenagers walked up to the front of the gymnasium and onto a stage that was made by the prom committee. The stage was decorated with streamers of every color, and confetti that has already been raining down for two hours. When they arrived at the microphones and when the crowns were being placed on their heads, all that was heard around a small radius of the school, was the chanting and cheering of their fellow peers of that Arizona high school.

But then suddenly the entire place went quiet. Nothing was heard. All that was seen was the giant widespread smiles everyone wore on their faces. They waited patiently.

Then Claire went up to the microphone, and spoke softly and sweetly. "I really want to thank everyone here tonight for making this such a wonderful prom. The school, the committees, and most importantly everyone who's here having a good time. I've never been happier in my life, than standing up here, not with this crown, but with the love of my life." Claire looked at Matthew who stared sweetly and innocently into her eyes. "Matthew, I love you with all of my heart, and everything i have to give. You're my everything and i love you."

She continued to smile as he took his microphone off of the stand. He walked over in front of her, ignoring everyone else in the crowd who stared with "awe" faces and "that's so cute" faces. He took her hands. "Baby, you have always been my life. I want nothing more than to spend the rest of my life with you." Suddenly he reached into his pocket and got down on one knee. The entire gym starting cheering and clapping as they obviously knew what was happening. Claire covered her mouth as she gasped, and her eyes started filling up with tears of joy. "Claire Jade Bonnet, will you marry me and spend the rest of your life with me?"

tears were streaming down her face as she managed to gasp out a "yes" from beneath her hand. He placed the ring on her finger and stood up. Almost immediately she jumped into her arms. the lights in the gym flashed back on into their rave moods, and the music started again. The principal then went on to say a few words about having a great night and making the most of it, and whatever else it is that principals say.

The night quickly ended for Matthew and Claire. They rode on Matthew's motorcycle back to the hotel. He owned a motorcycle yes, he had always been fascinated with them, and he's wanted one since he was little. He's had one before, but after a couple weeks of having it, a jealous teenager ended up trashing it: slashing the tires, cutting the brakes, graffiti, everything. Matthew took this kid to court, and before the kid left the courtroom after 2 years of community service, he said the hateful words, "you don't deserve it and i'll continue to do it." This kid used to be in love with Claire, at least according to the rest of the school. Claire and Matthew didn't want to believe that because one, it was creepy, and two, they had each other and didn't need to worry about it.

The next morning they laid in the hotel bed, holding onto each other, and held each other close. but soon they had to leave. They had no belongings with them other than the other, so they left. They hopped onto his motorcycle and decided to just take a drive before they had to go home. Matthew put on the one helmet they had. He figured the driver should wear it, only because he would be in front of his woman to protect her if anything happened.

They rode around the city for a while not hitting any red lights whatsoever, and having a great time, but then Matthew thought it would be a great idea to drive around out in the country. They drove around out there for a while before returning to the city. They were going pretty fast on their way back to the city.

"Matthew can you please slow down?" Yelled Claire from behind him.

"Why, this is so fun!" Responded Matthew loudly.

"Matthew please! I'm getting scared!"

"Only if you give me a hug!"

Claire wrapped her arms tighter around Matthew to implement a hug. "Now will you?"

"One more thing! Will you take this helmet off of me and put it on? It's really bothering me and I kinda can't take it off while driving!"

Claire grabbed the helmet and put it on. At that moment they entered the city.


The BREAKING NEWS banner flashed across every television in the city. It flashed in red as the lady on TV reported a big accident. "Investigators are still trying to figure out how this accident happened," spoke the lady. "If you are just joining us there has been a terrible motor bike accident in downtown Phoenix. There were two riders on the bike when it crashed, but only one was wearing a helmet. The two were allegedly on their way home from a hotel they stayed after after a local prom last night. One was a male and the other was a female. Paramedics say the female was wearing the helmet during the crash, and that she is in critical condition. The male was pronounced dead at the scene. Investigators are still trying to figure out how this accident happened."

This story was replayed over and over again on TV screens in local stores and in bars and restaurants. Everyone watched from their homes about the story that killed the love of her life.

The real story was only known by one person, and that person was dead. Matthew had seen that the brakes on his bike were cut. He noticed them on the way back to the city. He didn't say anything because he did not want Claire to get more freaked out. They had encountered their first red light on their trip and he tried to make a right turn to avoid hitting any cars, and his bike skidded into a building on the far side of the intersection. He was killed almost immediately on impact, after he had saved the love of his life.

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