You are perfect for me

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How would you describe your perfect guy?

Submitted: March 22, 2013

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Submitted: March 22, 2013



What's the perfect guy like, for me? 


The guy that: 

- Is caring/kind/loving

- Romantic <3

- funny 

- faithful 

- cute ^_<

The guy that will hang out with his friends but also with me.

The guy that wouldn't be embarrassed  to show me off to his friends. 

The guy that will trust you with whatever problems he has.

The guy that will talk to you about the craziest, weirdest and awesome things ever and that your conversations would never get boring. 

The guy that you can always tell everything to and even though he may not be there physically you know he's always there to listen. 


Guys... no we don't expect you to text us at 3 in the morning just to say you love us ( If you do that I will literally murder you from taking away my sleep -_-) lol but making us feel special wouldn't hurt. Not cheating on us or "talking" to somebody else while you're with us wouldn't hurt. Sending that special "Good morning/ Goodnight beautiful" txt wouldn't hurt at all ( Actually if you do that it would totally make our day/night and you'll be the reason why we smile. So if you have a girlfriend make her feel special! Tell her she's beautiful, she might not believe you but she'll definitely smile knowing YOU think she's beautiful. 

so guys...if you have a special someone make her feel special thank the rest! Surprise her, you don't have to buy her expensive gifts or dinner but if you give her a long meaningful letter or poem, or dedicate her a song I will guarantee you that will make her feel special. Show her that you care & love her! 

And remember... Don't worry, don't stress because EVERYTHING will be ok :) 


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