The Children and their Flags

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A little taste of modern revolution.
Not my opinion, just a viewpoint. A vista.

Submitted: January 03, 2012

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Submitted: January 03, 2012



“Act like children,” she said, “and you get treated like children.”

So we killed her.

We killed her, and we took her body for a flag. We hung it in the middle of the Great Square, where anyone could see, watch, look and say “There-! That is freedom. The Great Teacher is dead.”

But they did not say that. We left her there for weeks and months, and no one said anything. People walked by, some would stare, but the body remained. Someone tried to climb up and tear it down, to burn it and throw the ashes, but he was taken down and killed and his body put next to hers.

So then we had two flags.

Every now and again there were speeches, splendid speeches that brought together all corners of the land into the Great Square. And the people who spoke, well they spoke about a leader. For a people cannot exist without a leader, someone to guide and help them till their land, tend their flock, nurse their children. But we heard the speeches, and we knew they were lying, and there was never a crowd because the people didn't care. They spoke for themselves, by themselves, to themselves, and the people didn't want to listen so they didn't listen; didn't want to care so they didn't care.

After a year, a crowd. Voices. Slogans. Chanting. And the voices asked,

“We are hungry! We are poor! We need a leader! Who will lead us now?”

And one boy stepped from the crowd, and said,

“I will do this. I am the youngest, the wisest, the most pure. I have nothing, and want nothing. Let me lead you, because it is what I must do, and we will never fail.”

And the people looked at this boy. And they asked him,

“Little boy, you are so small. How can you lead us? We want someone strong, someone who can show us how to be, a model for us to follow. We need someone who has lived, who knows how to live, and who will show us how to live and where. We must have someone who has driven, who is driven and who continues to drive, because he must. How can we follow a boy?”

And the boy thought and thought, and had no answer. And when he tried to step back into the crowd, they killed him too.

And now our flags are a family.

And still we do not have a leader. And every time we remember this, we look to our flags and say,

“We do not have a leader, no. But we have symbols!”

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