Alone In The Dark #1

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Submitted: April 18, 2019

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Submitted: April 18, 2019



“Where are you?”


“What? Who is this?”


“It’s me, Jane, I need to see you, where are you?”


“I...I’m at the...”


The man then looks at the signboard above him that had big golden letters written on them.


“Golden Dreams...Cinema..”


“Great! I’ll see you there then!” She hung up immediately.




Her voice went away and was replaced by an engaged tone.


How did she know where to call?”


He slowly hangs up the receiver before stepping out of the phone booth. Funny thing was, he can’t even remember how he got there. The cinema looked familiar but he doesn’t remember if he had ever been in it. Eventually, he went forward to climb up the stairs before approaching the only poster that was displayed on the wall near the entrance.


In white background and black letters, it simply says, “It’s Your Life!”


“What? What is this?”


He looks around but can’t seem to find anyone else. As he was trying to get his bearing, he suddenly heard another ringing sound. This time, it came from another payphone, right next to the poster.


“I don’t understand, what is all this?”


He was hesitant for the second time. Why does it feel like the payphones just appears from out of nowhere?


He knew he had no choice but to answer another call for that might be the only way to get an answer to all this.




“Hello? Where are you?”


The voice sounded familiar.


“ this the same person? Jane? Is that you again?”


“I need to see you, where are you?”


He didn’t know what to make of it anymore.


“You already called and I already told you...look...why are you calling me? And how are you calling me on the payphones at the cinema?”


“Cinema? The Golden Dreams Cinema? Ok, I know where that is, I’ll see you there then!” She hung up for the second time.


The man then looks as the receiver, wondering if there was a trick going on. When he finally hangs up the phone, he scans his environment again.


“This place looks a lot different than the last time I’ve been feels better...”


Eventually, he takes another look at the payphone.


“Didn’t I meet her here before? When was that? But if she wants to meet again, then I guess I should wait...yeah...I guess I should wait..”


He was unsure of his decision but it had to be done.


“Yeah...she’ll be here...she has to...”


The thing that he didn’t remember was how many times that same call was made in another lifetime. She’ll call a couple of times from random locations and at some point, he’ll eventually forget about it.


The ending, however, is always the same.


She’ll never be there and he always ends up waiting for her.



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