Boo! #10 - Like a Stone

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic

"A garden that's unlike any other."

Table of Contents


Jimmy was touching one of the stone sculptures on the ground. It felt cold but smooth. He looked at it, pretending to know what it w... Read Chapter


[Another day] Jimmy was walking through the Garden of Lycerus on a Sunday morning again. It really felt like each time he took a step... Read Chapter


He passed by a few benches where he saw some people sitting and reading quietly. A few birds perched on their shoulders and on the b... Read Chapter

Saved by the Bell

[Another day] He never felt such welcoming sensation whenever he steps into the Garden of Lycerus. A few children dressed as fairies ... Read Chapter


[Another day] It was a different atmosphere this time around. The sun was nowhere to be found and the sky has turned into a dark... Read Chapter

Eye Popping

Jimmy: "[Panting]" Jimmy was running in circles. He saw no more buildings but the gates all around the garden felt like they cou... Read Chapter

The Other Tale

[26 years later] A cab pulled over to the side of the road before letting out its only passenger. The man who was carrying a small ba... Read Chapter


[26 years earlier] The girl was merrily hopping along the path through the garden when she suddenly saw a boy standing in front of a ... Read Chapter


[Another day] The girl was already waiting for him near the statue where they were before. It was still amusing, she thought, how the... Read Chapter

Saved by the Bell, Again

[Another day] She was still thinking on whether to show herself and came forward with a confession or just continue to observe him. S... Read Chapter

Have a Good Day!

[Another day] It was a cold day and the sun was no longer shining in the sky. She wasn't sure why she was there but she had a feeling... Read Chapter


Both ran to one of the furthest part of the garden where there wasn't much on the lawn except for plain grass. The boy looked scared to d... Read Chapter

Be Here, Now

[Back to 26 years later] Woman: "Dahlia." Man: "Sorry?" The woman looks at the ground. Woman: "Dahlia..that was it..the f... Read Chapter