Child's Play

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Wrote this immediately after watching a movie called Creepers (1985)

Submitted: June 13, 2019

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Submitted: June 13, 2019



"And this is my child's room," said the old lady.


It was odd how she kept referring it as her child's room instead of her son's room.


"I take it that your son was it? Still lives here, right?"


"Yes, of course, he's always here and he'll always be here."


Another odd response but I had no choice but to take the room or go elsewhere which was unlikely given the current weather.


"Ok..this is fine..but he'll know I'll be staying only for the night, right?"


She didn't reply but only smiled at me. Afterwards, she left the room and I finally managed to take a breather from the whole situation. It didn't strike me at first but I just realized that there was only one bed in the room. She did say that her son might not be back home for the night but would that mean that it would be alright for me to sleep on the bed or should I just settle for the floor? No, she didn't provide me with anything else. Just that I can take the room for the night and her son will be fine with it.


The day had been exhausting and so I retired to bed almost immediately after changing my clothes.


[Coughing sound]


I coughed for a bit and felt the pain in my chest. The weather must've gotten to me but I can't really afford to get sick now, not when I'm not even in my own place. Whatever happens tomorrow, I'll just have weather it through, it wouldn't be right to impose on a stranger. She was kind, yes, but the way speaks just seems a bit off to me. I turned to my right and closed my eyes again.


Then suddenly, I heard a voice from behind me. I immediately turned around and saw a small dark figure standing near the door. I would've rushed for the switch but it was next to the intruder. It didn't take long for the figure to start talking.


"You're old, why are you older than me?"




I didn't exactly know what he meant by that. The boy then steps forward, stopping short before my bag.


"So you have a bag, huh? Yeah..I used to have one too.."


This was getting ridiculous.


"Who are you? Are you Mrs Polter's son?"


I knew it was unlikely to be him but I had nothing else to say.


[Coughing sound]


I felt that pain in my chest again.


"Yeah..I had that cough'll go day.."


Things were getting unsettling. I finally managed to sit on the bed and face the unknown child.


"Listen, kid...I don't know who you are or how you got in here..but I need to sleep now..ok?"


"I sleep here too," said the kid.


And that was it, I was having non of this nonsense, not when I'm feeling sick and tired. I stood up and was about to confront him when the lights suddenly came on. To my surprise, there was another child in the room. It was another boy.


"I sleep here too.." said the other boy.


I looked at the both of them. What exactly is going on here? And before I can process anything, from the corner of the room, came out another child and another until the room was filled with no less than 10 of them.


"Where exactly did they come from? There was barely any place to hide in here!" I thought. Every single one of them said the exact same thing.


"I sleep here too."


"I don't understand..who are you kids? Why are all of you in this room? Give me answers now!" I demanded.


"Don't you get it? She doesn't have a child, she just wants you to sleep in this room like all of us," said the first boy.


"What? What do you mean by that? Of course she has a son, I saw his pictures...and...[Coughing]..."


The cough was getting worse.


"She had a son but he died long ago, so she kept looking for others to replace him but she never wanted to let them leave, ever," continued the kid.


"So, she made us sleep in this room for reasons she can afford and when she's done, she'll just find another one and another," continues another boy that was out of sight.


Then it dawned on me why they seemed to have appeared out thin air. Ghosts or no ghosts, I had to get the hell of there. I pushed my way past them before reaching for the door but the suddenly, I find myself back in bed again, sitting like I was earlier.


"Wait..didn't I just reached for the door?" I stood up and went forward again.


"You can't leave the room, none of us can."


As much as I hate to admit it, I actually knew what that meant. Spirits are often tied to the place where they died.


[Coughing sound]


" is just the sickness..none of you are real..I'm just..hallucinating.."


"If only you had left when you still had the chance," said the first boy.


"Of course I still have a chance..I'm not dead! I'm not..."


The children appears to be staring at the bed, directly behind me.


"What? What is it? What are you guys"


I spun around at the end of my sentence only to see a body that was similar to mine.


My heart sank immediately.


It was covered in blood that seems to have originated from the mouth. It was wide-opened and the eyes, witnessing its final moments of horror without being able to close properly. I took small steps forward, unable to comprehend the full nature of the situation.


"Am I dreaming?"


The children made no attempt to stop me so upon reaching the bed, I...I...


There were no words to describe the pain that I felt at that moment.


The body was mine and the more I looked at it, the more I realized what actually killed me that night.


It was never the cold and I should've never drank her tea. It's always the cruel kindness that gets to a stranger and as much as I hate the cliche, it's almost always the tea, never a coffee or a soda, let alone plain water.


I must've been coughing the whole night that ends with me spewing blood from my guts that ends up with this mess. In spite all that, I remember none of the pain. The whole thing simply ends and here I am now.


"She'll take it in the morning and dump it underneath this house. So as long we don't have a proper burial, we can never leave, that's how it has always been," said a voice.


"We can never leave," said another.


I slowly backed away, retreating to a corner, forcing the rest of them to congregate in the middle of the room and continuing to look at me with the dead blank stare in their eyes.


"I must leave..I can still leave..I'm not dead..that's not me..I'm here..I'm still me.."


"The delusion has finally set it...this will take sometime..come one guys..let's leave him alone for awhile...we'll be back when you're ready...after have nowhere else to go.."


And just like that, the boy that uttered those words simply vanished into thin air with the rest of them, leaving me alone in the dark.


"This..this has to be a dream...that body isn't's not's not real.."


I uttered those words over and over again until at some point, I felt a tug on my shoulder. My eyes felt heavy as I slowly opens them.


"Wake up, young man..why on earth are you sleeping here? Is the bed not good enough?"


I never felt so confused in my life. That was a all a dream? Am I really still alive? Should I just get the hell out of there without a moment of hesitation? I explained to the old lady that I must've been sleepwalking and didn't realize that I ended up sleeping in one corner of the room. She find it hard to believe at first but seeing how there was no other explanation..


It didn't take long for me to pack up my stuff and leave the house without so much as a shower or even breakfast and especially not her tea. I told her how I was late for an engagement even when there was none and even left her some money for her trouble eventhough she insisted that it was unnecessary.


As I was leaving the house, I could've sworn I heard children's laughter and maybe even footsteps that weren't hers or mine. I didn't even bother to ask about the whereabouts of her son for all I could think of was to leave the place alive. Whatever happened certainly felt more than just a bad dream. I've never sleepwalked in my entire life and the cough was no longer. Was that part of my imagination as well? As I continue walking down the road, away from the house, I can't help but wonder...


Every single of them were boys of about the same age as her son in the picture who was conveniently, somewhat unavailable for the night. In addition to that, I just realized that I never actually drank any tea in the house. Her exact words were, "I'm sorry but I just ran out of tea," thus providing me with nothing more than a glass of cold water for which my mind must've been mixing the words into thinking that I had drank tea that night.


Maybe I did have a quick cold or fever, be it from the weather or the water, maybe not.


Maybe it was nothing more than a delirious dream or maybe I just got lucky? I don't know anymore.


Sometimes I wonder if I had been about the same age as those kids, would the outcome have been any different?

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