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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Horror  |  House: Booksie Classic
Time for some midnight snack in the middle of nowhere

Submitted: December 06, 2018

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Submitted: December 05, 2018



One night, Sunny was driving back home from a late meeting he had in the city. He was driving along the highway on his usual route when suddenly, he saw lights in a distance. Lots and lots of blinking and non-blinking red, blue and white lights just hovering in the middle of the road with silhouettes of human figures flocking around.

"Oh, no, another accident? S**t.."

It wasn't unsual to see such occurence on a daily basis, but tonight, it seems like the accident up ahead was a lot more serious than usual. The road had been blocked and there were cars still waiting for the authorities to clear up and make way for the cars to pass.

"Yeah, I'm not waiting for this..f**k this.."

Luckily for him, the little gap between the road the dividers was just up ahead. Sunny immediately switches lane before slowing down and making his turn into the other side of the highway. As expected, he knew of an alternative path but it was less travelled due to its obscurity and distance.

"Can't believe I have to use the old road..damn it..why can't you guys just die another day?"

His thoughts were harsh but he wasn't feeling apologetic let alone sympathetic towards the victims of the crash. For one, most of the accidents were caused by speeding and negligence. He had to drive for almost half an hour in the other direction as he was looking for the exit that people hasn't been travelling on since forever. The old road was barely maintained and there were barely any lighting along the 20 miles stretch. Trees would line up on both sides and civilization was almost non-existent. Its current inhabitants might as well be invisible with their homes built deep inside the forests. He would be lying if he were to say that he wasn't the least disturbed at the idea of driving alone on that road at night. Sunny then turns on the radio to lightened the mood.

"Just gotta get home..God I'm so tired.."

His mind barely noticed the music as he focuses on the road. The truth was, it wasn't as dark or scary as people usually describes it but there was just something there that just send chills to one's spine even when it was unwarranted. Sunny checks out the time on his watch.

[Sighing sound]

He accelerated for a bit more knowing that there were no other vehicles on the road. He went pass the first lamp post before the darkness engulfs his surroundings again.

"This place could really, really use more light."

He tried focusing on the radio and that seems to work for awhile as he had to maintain his sanity of driving alone in the darkness. It felt like forever, but he finally passes another street lamp and that was when he saw something else by the side of the road.

"Wait..what the hell was that?"

He drove on for another second before finally deciding to stop the car. Sunny then looks at his side mirror.

"What the hell?"

It was hard to believe, but the reflection on his mirror was showing a stall that was brightly lit beside the road. Sunny then turns his head around and true enough, there was indeed a stall at a distance. He looks at it for awhile.

"Hmm..a stall?"

Truth was, he didn't really care but just like most people, it was hard to kill the curiosity.

"What kind of food would they be selling out here in the middle of the night?"

He was still dead set on getting home as fast as he can, but as fate would have it..

"Ah, well, it can't hurt to at least check out whatever they're peddling."

He turns the car around slowly before driving all the way back towards the second street lamp on that road. It was no surprise why that spot was chosen by the stall.

[Sizzling sound]

Suddenly, an aroma filled the air. Sunny's eyes became wide opened.

"Banana fritters..damn that smells good.."

It was then he realized that he hasn't been eating enough throughout the whole day. The car slowly approaches the wooden stall that appears to be manned by a single person. A man in a light blue t-shirt and wearing a white skullcap with a small greasy towel on his shoulder had his back towards him while his big frying pan was sizzling with oil.

[Sizzling sound]

He looks at the whole thing from the inside of his vehicle, thinking of whether it was still a good idea to check it out.

"Probably just one of the villagers making ends meet...hmm..if he's selling then he must have buyers.."

Sunny then opens the door before walking slowly towards the small structure. The sizzling sound got louder as he approaches it.


The man still had his back towards him. It appears that he was chopping and mixing his ingredients with the flour.

"Uh..excuse me..sir?"

The man barely notices him.

"Excuse me..sir? Sir!"

The sound of his voice at the second attempt proved successful. The man halted his actions before turning around. Sunny instinctively carve a smile on his face to greet the vendor but that almost immediately turned into a curious expression.

The vendor was an old man but his age had nothing to do with the look that Sunny had on his face now. It was the fact that the old man was wearing a dirty white face mask that would cover the bottom half of his face. His eyes appears to be gleaming under the light.

"Uh..uh...are you selling banana fritters?"

The old man nodded a couple of times.

"Ok..umm...yeah I would like 10 pieces of those..please."

The old man nodded again before turning towards a nearby tray that had some brown crusted banana fritters on them.


"I'm sorry? Did you say something?" Sunny thought he heard the old man saying something. It was rather muffled but he saw sure he heard what sounds like, "masks," being uttered.

The old man didn't reply. He kept on picking the fritters and putting them on a brown paper before wrapping up the whole thing and putting it inside a plastic bag. Sunny can't help but salivate at the idea of tasting the sweet smelling delicacy. The old man then hands him the package.

"So, how much do I owe you?"

The vendor didn't answer at first. It was weird but it was almost as if he was smiling or grinning underneath that cover. He then raises one hand with all 5 digits stretched out.

"I'm sorry, how much?"

He continues to hold his hand up.

"I don't understand.."

Sunny asked for 10 pieces so he was anticipating a dollar a piece seeing how isolated businesses tends to raise their price. It appears that old man was gesturing half that price.

"50 cents a piece? Really? Wow..must be my lucky day..or night.." thought Sunny. He pulls out his wallet before producing a $5 bill and handing it to the seller.


There was that voice again. It was hard to tell if the old man was saying it seeing how he can't seemed to have a proper conversation with him.

"Uh..thanks..see you around.." That was the least that he could say even after the "not so average" encounter with a banana fritter vendor in the middle of the night.

"What a weird old man..what's up with the mask? Sure hope he wasn't having a stroke or anything." Again, another harsh thought went through his mind. Nevertheless, he got into his car and gave one last look at the stall before moving on. That, however, didn't deter him from taking one more quick peek at his side mirror as he was moving further away from the area. To his surprise, the old man stood in front of the stall and looked at the car as if he knew Sunny would be watching him from afar.

"What is up with this guy?"

With that, he steps on the pedal before speeding off into the night. After putting up with tiredness, dark paths and the tempting savory smell of the food he just bought for what felt like hours, Sunny finally arrived home. The hunger overcame him, so much so that upon entering his home, he immediately heads for the kitchen.


He took a quick whiff from the bag before opening it.

"Woah, these are huge."

The fritters were large and 10 pieces would have been more than enough to fill his belly.

"Must be one of those big bananas."

He went to take a seat before pulling out a piece. He looks at its texture and smell it one more time before taking a bite.

[Crunching sound]

" is so big..and so..hmm.."

He took another bite from the piece and before he knows it, he already ate up the whole thing. Sunny took another piece from the bag again.

[Cruching sound]

" can eat loads of these..wonder why they're so cheap..I mean it's not plastic or anything..or is it..? It's slighty chewy though.." He amuses himself with random thoughts but the truth was, he didn't really care.

[Crunching sound]

He took another bite from the piece and was enjoying its flavor when suddenly, he saw something sticking out from the unfinished piece he was holding.

"Hmm..what is that?" thought Sunny as he continues to munch his food.

[Gulping sound]

Curious, he took a closer look after swallowing.

"Is that hair? Oh f**k it! S**t!" He immediately puts down the food.

"Argh..s**t! What the hell, man?" Truth was, he felt conflicted because he was still hungry and it was just one tiny piece of hair that was in that fritter.

"Maybe if I pull it out, it won't be so bad, I mean it's just one tiny hair, right? Doesn't look like a pube or anything.." He looks at it again before finally deciding to carefully pluck it out of the fritter. He thought it was going to be a quick pick but then again, it appears that the tiny hair was stuck inside there.

"S**t." He tries again. This time he managed to pull it out.

[Sighing sound]

Feeling relieved he looks at the fritter before taking another bite out of it.

"Hmm..still good..still...hmm?" Suddenly, he started spewing out the food on the table. Something didn't taste right.

[Coughing sound]

"What the f**k was that? S**t.." The fritter actually tasted the same but for some reason, the texture was different. It was a lot tougher than the last piece and he swore he tasted hair or fur inside it.

[Coughing sound]

He coughed up even more of the brown goo on the table before slowly looking at them.

"What..the heck did I just eat? What..oh" He look horrified. He immediately went to look for a fork before looking at the tiny pool of vomit he just made. Amongst the chewed up bits and pieces, he discovered a large piece that didn't exactly look like a squishy banana bit. If anything, it looks like a slice a of fish or maybe even meat.

"But..that can't be real...who would put such a thing in there?" He inspect it by moving it about with his fork and even tested its tenderness. Whatever it was, was definitely not a banana. He was about to draw up a conclusion when he saw what made him spew it out in the first place. Attached to the unknown piece were tiny hairs that was aligned with one another. It was then he realized that, that was definitely not fish as well. He looks at it, pulls it closer and even smell it but can't exactly deduce what it was.

"Not a banana...not fish...then.."

He then looks closely at the fine tiny hairs.

"It still has hairs on it...what the f**k..but that means.."

Sunny looked shocked. He grabs the plastic bag before unloading the rest of the fritters on the table and immediately began to tear them apart, one by one with his bare hands. Just as he expected, with every piece that he torn to shreds, he found lumps of those mysterious pieces, lodged inside. Every single one of them had the same elasticity and texture but varies in sizes and shapes. Eventually, he collects all of them before putting them in one place.

"What the heck are these things?"

They don't seem to match with one another but there was something peculiar about the texture and especially those tiny hairs. Sunny took his time analyzing them, not knowing what to do next. It was only after awhile before he began rubbing his face in disappointment. He then looks at his hand.


He moved his hand closer to one of the greasy piece before looking at both of them as if trying to compare them.

"Masks..masks..he kept saying that..he was wearing it.."

Just like that, Sunny put the whole thing inside the plastic bag again before stuffing it inside the freezer and cleaning up the mess.


[Few weeks later]


[Phone ringing sound]


"Hey, dude, yeah it's me."

"Yeah, of course it's you, it's your number on my phone."

"[Laughing]..Right..right..anyway..uh..I have your results here.."

" how was it? What was that thing?"

" said that you found it in fritters right?"

"Yeah..I told you like a million times already..every single one of them stuffed in there.."

The thougth of it again. makes him wanna puke.

" shall I say this..uh.."

"Come on, man, I ain't got all day..just lay it to me straight.."

"Yeah..sure..sure..uh..thing were right..the samples are indeed cooked meat.."

"Aha..well at least they're not plastic, right? Could have been worse."

"But they're not that the kind that we usually fact it's the kind that we really don't eat.."

"What? What do you mean by that? You mean like the discarded parts?"

"Even worse...the meat was actually...human flesh.."

Sunny's heart suddenly sank.

"Uh..could..could you say that again?"

"Human flesh..I checked it myself...and not just that..all of the pieces came from the face..those tiny hairs you saw were eyelashes..they don't exactly make up a perfect face but they definitely came from one..bits and pieces of it at least.."

The image of the old man wearing a half mask then came into Sunny's mind.

"Masks...masks...hehehe.." He can't help but hear those words, over and over again.

"Where did you say you bought them again?"

"Bought what? The mask?"

"What mask? No, I mean those fritters."


He would go on describing the alternative route that he took that night.

"Are you sure about that?"

"Of course, I'm sure, I ate that goddamn thing!"

"No, I mean the said you took the old road?"

"Yeah...exactly like I told you before, an old man selling it beside the road.."

"Ok..I don't know what to tell you one really lives there anymore.."

"What? Don't be silly, of course there are still people living there."

"Not from what I fact the lands on that stretch are filled with graveyards."

Sunny's heart sank again.


"Yeah..I mean I don't know..I could be wrong..I mean no one uses that road anymore.."

"But there were street lamps...I mean..not many but there were a few.."

"Street lamps, huh? Ok..All I heard was that no further development was ever carried out in that place...I once heard a story about 2 guys on a bike riding on that road at night when they encountered a blockade in the middle of the road. If anything, it looked like a bunch of coconuts that was pilled up but upon close inspection, they saw it for what it truly was.."

"What? What were they?"

"Human heads..and they were about to turn away..the heads..well..began to in rolling towards those poor saps...every single one of them.."

Sunny took a pause.

" ok there man? I didn't mean to scare you..I mean they're just stories...I'm sure it's nothing.."

"Nothing? Then how the hell do you explain those..those things...and I ate one of them!"

"I don't know what to tell you but uh...look..if we report's gonna get messy...not to mention there's no fresh sample for me to work with..I mean they're well's not like I can tell who it belongs to anyway...even if they're still alive.."

The image of the old man appears in Sunny's mind again.

"I'm gonna have to call you back..."

Sunny then hung up the phone unexpectedly. As is in a trance, he began to walk slowly towards a nearby mirror before looking at his reflection. He checks every part of his face without any particular reason at all.

"Masks..masks..why did he say those words?"

He looks at the mirror again.

"I just ate someone's face...I just ate someone's face...I just ate someone's face.."

He stares into the mirror while repeating those words over and over again.

It was never really known if he ever stopped doing so.


© Copyright 2020 The 5th Horseman. All rights reserved.

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