Odd Flow

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Submitted: February 23, 2019

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Submitted: February 23, 2019



You saw something floating in the river as you were standing on a nearby river bank. The semi-transparent object at some point began to move towards your direction and landed almost right at your feet as it was washed ashore. Curious, you bent forward.


Apparently, it was a camera inside a tightly wrapped plastic bag.


You looked at it for awhile and picked it up before unzipping the bag and took out the digital camera that looked as if it was still brand new. You switched it on.


A tiny green light then went on, indicating that it was still working. You were about to fiddle around with your new finding when your realized that the small screen behind it was already showing a picture. It was an image of a landscape that looked familiar to you. You began scrolling through the other available images and realized that the photos might have been taken on a nearby area judging by its landmarks. As you continue to scroll, you finally saw the face of a woman who might be the owner of the camera.


She appears to be traveling alone for the pictures were taken by herself and there was never anyone else captured on the photos. But then, very slowly, from one picture to another, her smile began to fade. From photos taken by the roadside, it progresses into photos of her hiking up a hill and the further she went up, the more gloomy she becomes. Some of it began to look as if she was hesitant in taking them judging by her unenthusiastic face. The last few photos shows her passing through a forest before the one with her overlooking a cliff and finally ending with a close-up picture of a written note saying, “I’m sorry for doing this. No one will ever find me.” After that, the screen went blank. You stood there for awhile, trying to figure out what you have just discovered.


Did she actually put her camera in the plastic bag and just threw them into a random stream? What was her real intention? What happened to her?


You kept looking at the camera and wondered what might have become of her. As you stood there, still thinking whether you should have a second look at the photos, you suddenly turned towards the direction where the stream was flowing from. You began to pick up your pace as you tried your best to trace its point of origin as far as possible and not a moment too soon, you reached a denser part of the forest where it was almost inaccessible unless you were willing to hack your way through it.


At that point, there was still no sign of where the camera could have possibly come from but then again you looked up and saw something.


There was a cliff nearby and it was overlooking the river down below.



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