Hawkins Bafflement

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It's about how you can be so close to someone but feel a million miles away from them, from being light years away from knowing this person as you know yourself, and attempting over the years to unravel the mystery that person holds, and, perhaps never finding out the secrets behind the persons eyes, but enjoying the ability to dissect this person in your thoughts..... I guess

Submitted: March 24, 2013

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Submitted: March 24, 2013



A seemingly infinite void, Between us as we lie, The darkness conceals you from me and I scream, Into the vaccum, gasping for breath, My lungs collapse, my throat tightens and my heart stops. The beauty of this universe astounds me, How can something so vast, So awe-inspiring, So indescribably gorgeous, Have formed from nothing? A question that will haunt me and many a learned man for millennia, I do not doubt. The light years between us are immeasurable, And ever increasing. Your eyes, The stars, The light that blazoned through this empty space, To reveal the true wonder all around me, That brought me to my knees with their beauty, That shone for me only, Never dulling nor weakening, Now fades, As the stars within them, That have caused many a fool to question his existence, Supernova and implode, Devastating all in their paths. These stars, that will shine no more, That once illuminated the infinite darkness surrounding me, Will light the sky in a final crescendo, and, once all the beauty and intriguing, beguiling natural wonder that once was here is laid to waste, Shall leave this lonely star-gazer, With only darkness and unanswerable questions......

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