Just InThe World We Live In

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Booksie Classic
be nice, this is my first play. bout three teens who are trying to find their way, one a pimp, one suicidal, one a one fire Christan. they all meet on a raining night at a church, two are looking for shelter and one is praying. wanna guess how it ends? anyways wrote this for a service youth was to do for church but we never got to do, hope it might inspire a pastor out there to see how his own youth could change a church by just giving them a service to run and show the adults how much they've grown.

Submitted: March 16, 2012

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Submitted: March 16, 2012



A Play By: Sarah B. Woodworth


Just The World We Live In


Act 1


Scene 1


narrator: in a church a girl prays, in the street a boy walks alone, in a room a girl crys. All of their life’s will be changed forever tonight because of the one chose they make. And here you will see the things our youth is going through today, this is just another day in the world we live.


at the alter a girl is praying, you can hear her voice as back ground music fades down.


Kaitlin: Father, I want to do your work. please give me the chance to be your servant, to prove to you that I love you, please let me show you that i'll walk the distance to do your work. I may be afraid God (she looks up to the light) I may be afraid God, but I know your with me always. Forever I'll pray, Amen.


Mom: Kaitlin! Dinner!


Kaitlin: coming!


She gets up and walks out the doors while the narrator makes an interdiction to the next scene. When she is out for 2 seconds music starts (when she crys by britt nicole at 1:27seconds in) and a girl runs into the room crying and then kneels at the steps, music fades


Scene 2


Narrator: Miranda just got into a fight with her mom, her mom had called her ungrateful and a horrible daughter because she had flunked a test at school, Miranda had tried to say sorry but her mom had just screamed at her to go to her room.


Miranda: I’m! – so! - sorry! (gasp were the lines are for effect) I just want to be a good daughter. . . (she looks at the door) there was a knife in the kitchen, if I’m quick enough I could grab it and. . . (she trails off while rubbing her neck indicting what she'd do with it. Shaking her head she stands up) no, I have to go some where first, I have to try this one last thing before I do it.


Mom2: Miranda! Miranda come here right now! Your father wants to talk to you!


Miranda: i'll get out through the window in the next room, they can't catch me before I finish my plan so that I can. . . (she rubs her neck again before running off stage whiping away her face like she was still crying)




Scene 3


wait 3 seconds until playing end of my rope by KJ 52, soon as Josiah walks in wait until the music says I AM then quickly fade down.


Narrator: Josiah had just left home trying to escape his passed out mom and high dad. He plans to spend the rest of the night at his friends house who's having a party to celebrate his parents leaving for the weekend.


Josiah: Man, this party. . . I don't know if I should be going, some rumor going around that some bigger guys are coming and bringing some “drinks” (Sigh and stick hands in pockets, turn when you hear some kids behind you,”


Kid1: hey, it's Josiah! You goin to that party? Heard it's gonna be the bomb!.


Kid2: ya man, they gonna have some older guys there, and boy will they bring that party to life if you know what I mean man!


Kid1: ya, ya! Man, tell me you gonna go! Man it wont be the same without you!


Josiah sighs turning around and taking a few steps like he is about to walk away.


Josiah: I don't know, I think i'll just hang somewhere else tonight. Just not in the mood. ( his “friends” look shocked but they turn around and walk away while saying)


Kid1: fine man, but you'll miss the best time of your LIFE. . .


Kid2: ya, who needs you anyways!


Josiah looks above him when sound effects have lightening over head, quietly though, and puts his hands above his head.


Josiah: aw man! It's raining! I have to get inside, I think there's a church over there I could hide in! (he runs of through the doors)


Act 2


Scene 1


narrator: we come to the part in this sad tale where these tragic kids meet, in the sanctuary Miranda is crying before the alter when Kaitlin walks in faced with the opportunity she had prayed for, to give some one hope and a reason to live.


Kaitlin walks into the room shaking herself off acting like she's cold from the rain.


Kaitlin: man that was a down pour, I’m just glad mom let me come to the church before it started other wise she would have never let me go! (stopping half way down the aisle staring at Miranda shocked that she's not alone, Miranda is crying softy. Walking up to her slowly Kaitlin kneels down besides her touching her back gently. Miranda gasps and looks up at Kaitlin.


Miranda: i-i'm sorry, i-i didn't think anyone was here-


Kaitlin: no, I’m sorry. I should have said something. ( Miranda sits up and faces Kaitlin) why're you crying? Are you hurt? ( she helps Miranda stand up, Miranda shakes her head,)


Miranda: no, I’m just. . . sad, sorry my names Miranda


Kaitlin: oh, ok Miranda, do you need help with something then?


Miranda shacks her head again


Miranda: no, i'll be leaving soon. I just came here to ask to be forgiven for what I’m going to do. . .


Kaitlin: so when you say your going to leave you mean? ( she rubbs her neck, Miranda nods) can I ask why? (miranda looks down,)


Miranda: because I’m worthless, my mom hates me, my dads never loved me. . . I have no friends, nobody wants me here. It best that I just get out of their lifes so they can live a better life. (Kaitlin shakes her head ledding Miranda to a step to sit on,)


Kaitlin: I don't think your worthless, and for a fact I know your loved more then anything on this world, (Miranda looks up at Kaitlin) it's God.


Miranda: what God would love some one as broken and torn up as me? (kaitlin shacks her head and puts her hand on Mirandas shoulder.


Kaitlin: since when did it matter that you had to be whole and pure for some one to love you? (miranda starts to cry, putting her head in her hands she says.


Miranda: I’m sorry, oh my Lord I’m sorry for turning away! Will you help me pray? (kaitlin nods and closes her eyes and says)


Kaitlin: Father, please make Miranda whole again. She needs to know she's not alone in her pain, she's not worthless or unwanted and that you are with her always. Amen.


Josiah walks in when she says Amen and stops when he sees them. He's about to walk out when Kaitlin sees him.


Kaitlin: hey! Come back here! ( josiah sighs and turns around)


Josiah: what?


Kaitlin: i-i just wanted to know if you wanted prayer, too. (Josiah shacks his head looking angry)


Josiah: since when did God listen to my prayers? (you ask angerly) since when did he care what I wanted or needed in life! Even if he did hear why would he care about a low life like me?

Kaitlin: he hears, he's just waiting for the right moment to answer-


Josiah: no he doesn't! He's not there! (he stomps forward angerly) why should I believe he's there when I can't feel him! When I can't smell him! When I can't even see him!


Kaitlin: maybe you can't see him because your not looking hard enough. ( state it calmly even though he's really mad)


Josiah stumbles back shocked


Josiah: fine maybe you got that right, but even then why would he care about something as dirty and broken as me! Why would he care when he has all though's other perfect people out there to take care of, all the people who are nice and clean and get all the good things in life! He has them, why would he care about some one like me?


Kaitlin: because he's the God of the broken, and he wouldn't have it any other way.


Josiahs face goes blank and he falls to his knees


Josiah: but I thought,i never thought that he. . . why?


Kaitlin: because he loves you, because he has put you here for a purpose.


Josiah nods blankly


Josiah: will- willhe forgive me? (you whisper)


Kaitlin: he already has. . .

(josiah slowly starts to cry bowing down his head, start slow then let your self shake harder and harder like your sobbing)


Josiah: oh Lord, I’m so sorry! I promise to praise your name, I promise I wont ever turn away again! (you say after really shaking)


Miranda: I promise to, I promise to live life praiseing your name and spreading the promise of our lifetime.


Kaitlin smiles and says sitting by josiah and miranda.


Kaitlin: will you let me pray for your new mission? (josiah and Miranda nod bowing their head with Kailtin) dear Father, please guard and protect these two as they start their new lifes reborn through you, Jesus Christ, please guide them and give them the wisdom to carry on with their new path, now lets continue in silent prayer for each other.


Narrator comes out and walks to stand in front of them, the kids pertend they don't notice and keep praying.


Narrator: this is were the story ends, but this is not were the journey stops. Today you saw 3 different lifes all changed by just one prayer, a prayer from a little girl to be given the chance to change a life and in the end she changed 2. now before you get up and go home I want to ask you. If you were given the chance to help some one and/or even change their life, would you? Or would you be to afraid and let it pass you by? Think about it. . . (miranda, Kaitlin, Josiah all say amen after the narrator finish)

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