Something i thought about in the shower. . . . it's short but thats ok.

WHY ME? its a question thats baffled man kind for quite some time, am i right? well hold onto something cause i've go the answer that will take some explaining. the question is really a lie. now let me explain. this idea came to me where all great ideas for minds now days do, the shower. i was talking to God trying to get back the connection that i had felt i lost sometime during the day and when ...i say talking i mean pleading, then like that i gained it again so i resumed my routine. few moments latter i was staring at the ceiling wasting time and relaxing when the question just popped out, why-me? instantly God told me to stop there, i was lying to myself and shaming him with those words, i should never ask him that again. so i stopped and listened to the gears turning when the sudden and dangerous, to the enemy, realization came to me. you see why me implies that God choose you for a purpose, that he had chosen you from among a group of much more qualified people to complete a task or full fill a destiny that you don't believe you could accomplish. sounds right, right? but lets look deeper, this also means that you were somehow made before hand and then God looked at you and other people before appointing you a purpose that seemed to fit your personality and gifted body best. now are you seeing this as a lie? you were made FIRST then the PURPOSE? sorry hun, other way around. God knew you before you were born, he already had your destiny in motion, now all he had to do is make you. see, God MADE you, he didn't CHOOSE you, He MADE you for this destiny. he formed you, shaped you, and knitted you together in your mothers womb all so you could preform his acts, do his works, and glorify his name in the destiny you were made to achieve. once again not chosen but hand made to live it out perfectly, no other person could be more qualified to do this than the one God made to do it. so no more, why me God? because it isn't you the that was chosen but was you that was made to full fill his grand plan.

Submitted: March 17, 2012

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