I write...


Erase my mind, let go of my pride and just let it all go.

Move on with my life, try not to let my fear rise.

And take control, control of all that I am.

Control of all that I do, control back from those who so mistakenly misused.

My life used to be about you and yes this poem is that's true.

But this is the last thing or words that I will ever utter about you.

I was taught that everyone deserves a second chance.

So I offered that to you, but you wouldn't even take a glance.

Took it forgranted did with it, what you wanted to.

So I took it back and left it they way you wanted it to be.

My memories are just that mine, quoted in the silence of my 4 walls.

Or quoted in a public display for all.

They are in truth and honesty mine to do with as I please.

So, yes I will quote words spoken between us with ease.

For they are just as much mine, as they are yours I believe.

And I will write about the things that made me happy, that you used to do.

You will not take my happiness, you will not my pride.

You will not drag me down with you, to wherever it is you choose to reside.

My memories and my thoughts are just that, mine.

And I will do with them as I please, nothing will change my mind.

however, please understand that I wish you no harm.

Nor I have ever, it would do you well, to this fact remember.

If your offended by the things I say or quote.

Then it's you who has a problem, not me or words I've spoken.

Because you see, I have let you go....

Left it all behind, there's no coming back....

Now my heart is once again mine, yes, that is a fact...


Submitted: December 11, 2011

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