A Fight That Should Have Ended Long Ago

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These are just poems about things that have happened or are happening in my life. Sometimes talking to no one imparticular just saying how I feel .

A fight that should have ended long ago, but neither of wants to talk about it / How can we move on if we don't address it, the same old argument I can't take this stressing / I think it's funny how you always blame me, then I turn right around and do you the same / If we don't find a compromise, then I don't think that we can go on / Because this fight, I know has lasted way too long / And I can't and I won't, continue this war / After all, do you remember what we were figting for / Partly to blame I know that I am, that is why I take this stand / To do away with some of the harm that I've done, to put in a little right with some of the wrong / I'm tried of trying but getting nowhere, I'm tired of crying for something from past years / And if I find that the only solution is not possible, then well my dear I have to say goodbye to you / For everyone has trials and tribulations, but at some point they all must end /

Submitted: December 03, 2009

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