Back And Forth....

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Submitted: June 18, 2012

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Submitted: June 18, 2012



It didn't last and I already knew that it wouldn't

I tried to tell you, but you just wouldn't believe the story

So on we went down that road to our judge and our jury

I tried to make it hard for you to stay

I must admit, I never thought that you would

But I knew for sure that if you did

Everything after would be so hard for me to believe in

Because there would come a time, through no fault of my own

When you would question my loyalty, to you, to us, to our happiness and our well being

So we lived this life together in a state of misguided bliss

I knowing full well that it wouldn't last forever, no, not this

For there were things behind my eyes, that I just couldn't let go

Dark things that I tried so very hard to hide

But when you get that close, it's impossible to hide such things

It's impossible to ignore, impossible to be swept under a rug

Impossible to get rid of without someone else's help

So tears in my eyes, fear in my heart

Skeptism on my mind and a not so very trusting heart

I took youur hand anyway and you showed me a way to get better, to let go

A way to heal my bruised and battered heart

A way that I had no reason to doubt because it was fool proof from the start

Even though I knew that it wouldn't last and to my regret now tried so hard to break apart

I'm glad that I went anyway, I'm glad that once upon a time you were mine

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