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Everyone in the world has some desire. If this desire on any thing exceeds, it effects us back.

This story represents the same.

Submitted: October 10, 2011

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Submitted: October 10, 2011




There lived two fishermen, as good friends on the bank of a river. One of them was 'Jack', a self sufficient person. The other one was 'Jim', who's only desire is to become rich at any cost.

They were always sharing their ebb and tide. Once, while fishing, Jim said to jack, "Let's go to mid-sea and hunt whales over there. We will be rich if we sell atleast one whale in the market in the city." Immediately there was a great change in the expressions of Jack. He then replied, "No, my friend! It is so dangerous fishing there. You know that many were killed by the whales!" Jim was very upset with his friend's words but controlled himself.

Years passed away. They were still in the same position. Even now the dialogue is same from the side of Jack. Jack was happy with what he has. But, there's something wrong going on here. Jim lost his patience and thought to go there when Jack is in deep sleep. He decided to go that night only; and when the night time came, he got out of the home with his pre-arranged team members. They slowly proceeded towards the WHALE-ZONE!! They ignored various cautions given saying, "No Fishing" and others. There were also warnings saying that its dangerous fishing there. He suddenly stopped his ship and thought to go back, as it is danger with whales, that too in the darkness. But his strong desire let him towards the no entry. However, he managed to cross the boundary of safety and stepped into the whale zone. They could hardly find any person to save them if they are cought by those wild whales.

They dared to get into the river  and proceeded. He noticed a whale coming towards him. He was so frightened to see it coming closer, but made risk to get into the position to catch it, along with his partners. But it escaped from his vision due to the darkness. He then found something passing by his boat, making a hole at the bottom. He managed to cover off the hole. In the mean while, a whale noticed him. Immedately when he stood, that whale rushed towards him. During his last moments, he recalled the words spoken by Jack and wept, finally surrendered himself to the whale...

therefore I say, Love What U Have



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