It Happens To Us

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All these things happen to us when we're alone.

Submitted: December 08, 2011

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Submitted: December 08, 2011



Do you ever sit up in the middle of the night?

Awakened by a simple fright, or perhaps a not-so-simple one?

Do you ever see the walls creeping away from each other?

Do you ever see dust moving of its own accord?

Do you ever feel time slow?

When you hear the sounds you make, do they feel empty, soulless?

Do the eyes of various visual analogs of humans and animals alike seem to creep towards you until you look at them?

Do photos seem to exhibit expressive states of being towards you that you partially realize you are inflicting upon yourself?

Do you see the clock click backwards and laugh in your face?

Do the objects start to grow minds?


Do they resemble people you know from outside?

Perhaps people you know from inside your head?

Do you ever try to remember how long you've been there?

If perhaps you were dead and the dream was real?

Or that there are several planes of dreaming and that you never lived?

That you are a child?

Subject to your whole life under a pretense of reality that was torn away from you when you slowly forget this on your quick path to death in the long-existing distopian wasteland that has been the true world you've lived in?

Do you start to wonder if you're just plain mad?

Do you ever decide you are definitely completely mad?

Do you turn of the lights and see him standing there?

Do you ever wonder who he is?


A negative of yourself?

All of your demons come to haunt you?

Do you ever turn the lights on and feel a heavy presence of fear?

Do your eyes begin to water as everything stares at you?

Even the people you can't see?

Crowded around your bed, touching you where you can't quite feel?

Do you ever reach to turn the light off again?

Do you do so only to see them all?

Hear them speak?

See their negative intentions clear and true?

Do you want to run?

Does the archetypal fear of your matriarch's fury upon you because of your attempt to run stop you?

Or perhaps the fear that she has changed into something you cannot trust, in this space, be it dream, reality, or something in between?

So do you just back up against your wall and sob in your hands?

Do the walls stop laughing at you?

Do you begin to laugh at yourself?

Do you begin to lose control and cackle at a volume which cannot be measured in that state of mind?

Do you begin to hear your heart beat again as someone comes?

Do you turn your light out and pretend you were talking in your sleep?

Do you still see him as someone peers into your room?

Is it your savior or one of them?

Do you attempt to turn?

Do you see someone and swipe your hand at them only for them to disappear?

Do you turn forward to finally face the vengeance of your demons?

Do you cower under your covers bawling?

Do you fall asleep and wake up feeling stripped of your sense of reality and your ability to trust what you see?

Does the day go on?

Do you return home?

Does it happen again?

If so...

Don't be scared.

It happened to us too.


It happened to them.

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