The Book Of Nonsense (Parts XI-XV)

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Part XI- The Citadel

The three remaining of the group found themselves in a dark room. Two preachers stood in front of them. A third materialized between them and they fused together back into the one man they saw at the village.

Where are Jim and Pablo?” Penelope shouted

The Queen wants them for something, it is none of my concern. On another note, welcome to the Citadel! My name is Dylan and I will be manipulating your puny human bodies until and after they keel over and die. First, though, I want to introduce you to my apprentice, Scott.” There stood a boy, confident but scared, evil but guilty. One thing was unmistakable, his power. They could all feel it, this would be the one they would be tortured by, and by doing so they would torture him, destroying his moral core and turning him into a monster, just like his master. The boy walked up to them, he pushed them against the walls by waving his hand in their direction.

I can take it from here, master.” Scott said, and the Preacher walked away and faded into the air, to go god knows where.

You are going to be my toys, to do with whatever I please. Understood?”

Over my dead body!” Penelope shouted drawing her knife and pushing herself off the wall with all of her might. Scott took control of her arm and stabbed her with her own knife. She dropped to her knees and looked up at him, horrified, then died.

Exactly” he said. “I think I will savor you two, I will be back in twenty minutes, enjoy them because they will be your last moments unoccupied by excruciating pain.” he vanished much like the Preacher did earlier.

Okay, man, what the hell are we going to do?” Charles asked

Look, I have a plan, but it's gonna be hard to pull off.” Robin answered

Oh, and what would said plan entail?” Charles angrily whispered.

Look, he isn't as powerful as he is right now.”


His power comes from his evil, if we can un-shroud his eyes he will become weak, and he could become a friend. In fact he could be a powerful ally over time, because he definitely has the talent to be this powerful.”

How exactly would we do that?”

Create the hugest guilt trip possible.”

Okay I see... You know I never really learned anything about you, and seeing how this plan may not work, we might as well talk about something interesting before we die.”

Alright then, what do you want to know?”

Everything, start from the beginning.”


Part XII-Backstory


I was born in a town where everyone had magnificent abilities, like I do. Everyone was so happy there. It was unbelievable. I grew up normal with my mother and father, a few brothers on the side.We played all day in the mayor;s courtyard. It glowed blue, green and every single colour in between. We loved it there. Just so much. Unfortunately the custom there is to abandon the child in the woods at age 12, to learn. I however was advanced by many years, I was seven when they left me there. I was supposed to come back after five years, but after what I had seen. I never will.

I learned so much and I became a marvelous enchanter. Every day, I grew more and more skillful. Except every day a little bit of home left me and a little of me died inside. After a certain amount of time, I just wasn't me anymore. I had started learning darker, forbidden magics, at least, forbidden in my town that is. I was looking into trading valuable things for magic abilities. It was then that I found out the most valuable thing that I or any other human being had to offer was my body. By that point I had abandoned my identity and any recognition of who I used to be. By then I didn't care what body I occupied as long as I can keep learning, and keep growing strong. I read the enchantment and the first body it found was of a Robin. It was at that point that I took the alias I use today. I found magic was difficult with such a small body. For years I flew aimlessly around that forest looking for any human being with the gift, until one day I happened upon a sad lonely little girl. She had great untapped talent, so I landed on her shoulder and wiped her mind clean of everything she knew. I destroyed her personality, memories, every little thing about her. From the moment after that I decided that I wasn't human anymore, not in the slightest. Not if I could do that to a girl and not feel an ounce of remorse.

Recently, I began to think I was changing, that, or I was going mad. Going mad at this point would be a logical turn of events. It had been years since I had taken that girls body. Mere months since I had carved a portal into the tree. I had decided I would live there until the day I died. A week before you came, I had a nightmare, that I would be killed by the girl. When you arrived, I was in a great rush to escape, it was then that I became human again, because it was then that I felt fear for my mortal life. Next thing I know, I wake up with my human body. I just hope she doesn't have anything to do with it.



Well, I didn't remember most of my life for a very long time. I kept my lack of memories a secret, I was just afraid. When that man gave me the book though, it started to come back to me. Every single thing that has ever happened to me. This is probably going to hurt.

I was born to royalty, a Duke and his mistress apparently. I had to be kept a secret. So my father dropped me off at a castle. I had, certain talents. They experimented on me, changed me. The time I didn't spend as a lab rat was spent hanging on the walls of a damp dungeon. The death and decay washing over me every moment.

Eventually, I became useless to whoever it was that did those things to me. They knocked me out, cast an amnesia spell on me and carved my name into my arm. I woke up in the bottom of the sewer. I was, and am, clever so every time, it came back to me and I figured out how to escape.

Time after time I escaped just to be cast down into the pit again. Until the last time. Pablo and Penelope saved me and then about a day later we found you. You know the rest of the story. It feels like everything is coming back to me, all the skills, my strength. If we ever get out of here. I will be stronger than ever.


They looked forward after looking at each other while they talked. Scott was standing right in front of them.

How long have you been standing there?” Robin asked

Maybe, five minutes” Scott replied, “Long enough to know that you have been in this situation before, Charles. How did it feel?”

Awful, please, underneath this you're good!” Charles replied, “I beg of you. Reject the Preacher's teachings! He only seeks to bring you harm. Think of all the good people you've hurt. All for the acceptance of a man who seeks to turn you into nothing more than a killing machine.”

Scott, do you really think he needs a successor? You are just his toy, what you are doing to us he plans to do to you!” Robin Plead

Please. I can care for myself, you puny ants.” Scott said, pulling them off the wall and pushing them back with great force.

Friends! Scott. Friends, have you ever had friends. People you could count on, people you can learn from and lean on!” Robin asked.

We can be your friends, Scott” Charles said

Scott covered his ears and screamed.

Shut up!” he shouted “I don't. Need. Friends!” He screamed again, even louder than before. He fell on his hands and knees and as he screamed a cloud of darkness escaped his mouth. Once it was free, he passed out and his screaming ceased. The Preacher stood in the corner.

Oh, you two spoiled a perfectly bad seed.” He said catching the cloud and taking it into his body.”I think I will just kill you know!” He said raising his hand to them and charging a blast on his fingertips.

No!” Scott screamed, rising up, weak, but pulsing with power. “I won't let you kill my friends, like you killed me!” He shot all the energy the Preacher had ever invested in him back. The power knocked Robin and Charles out.

Die! You bastard!” Scott screamed as his legs buckled. This was making him very weak, but with all the power he had left he killed the preacher. He then passed out on the ground from the extreme fatigue. The four of them lying on the ground. Three sleeping, one dead. The citadel walls around them began to disintegrate and as holes in the walls were carved, warm sunshine beat upon the faces of our remaining heroes, and the Preacher's body turned to dust that gently floated upwards.


Part XIII- A Brand New Man

Charles woke up and he leaned up with his arms behind him. He scooted back and crossed his legs.

Where am I?” he asked, “Why am I wet?”

Robin awoke. He rubbed his eyes and stood up.

I don't know.” he replied, it was then that they both saw Scott lying on the ground.

Oh shit! Scott!” Charles shouted, they ran over to him Robin checked for a pulse.

He's going to be okay.” Robin said, “He just fainted.”

I didn't... faint...” Scott mumbled, “I p-p-passed... out!”

Scott! Hey there buddy! How are you feeling?” Charles asked.

Well, I just found out my entire life so far has been a lie. How are you doing?” He asked angrily

I just found out that I was a guinea pig for most of my life.” Charles said matter of factly.

Okay thats fair.” Scott said as Charles and Robin picked him up and each placed an arm around their shoulders as they carried him away.

So what are you going to do now?” Robin asked.

I don't know, I haven't exactly thought about it, but now that you mention it. Can I come with you guys?”

I don't think that its very safe.” Charles said

What do I care?” Scott quickly replied, “I've got no family, no home, I might as well travel with you guys. In fact, I think I can walk now. Let me go for a second.” and they did. Scott walked straight and true with his chin up and his fists at his hips, visions of a brand new life dancing in his head. He turned to face the two and said,

Lets go!”

The two followed him as he ran into the distance and out of the wood. The sun that already seemed strong to Scott proved stronger as is stung his skin in a painful but delightful way. Robin and Charles emerged to a similar, but familiar feeling. They looked to the horizon and saw a town in the distance.

Lets go there!” He shouted. He whistled for his excitement, and behold, the magnificent beast of Penelope emerged from the clouds like a bomb and quickly but gently landed directly in front of him. He placed his hand on the dragon's neck. It was not stupid like Penelope had thought. He just needed the right human to express his intelligence. Instantly the forged a true bond. They silently communicated their emotions and Scott straddled the beast, and took off.

Robin and Charles whispered and their enchanted mounts slipped from thin air adjacent to them. They too climbed on them and the three rode towards the town. Robin and Charles ten feet away from each other and Scott In the air ten feet away from each of them, creating an equilateral triangle. The great power of the group left a glowing aura in their wake as they rode with incredible speed towards the town.


Part XIV- Life Is Short, Spend It All!


They arrived at the town within mere minutes. They dismounted and proceeded to look around. Examining the items in shop windows and the people on the streets. Scott's heart felt a little jump as he lived like a normal person for the first time. The town was bustling and wealthy, the shops were home to many luxurious weapons, armor, clothes, and jewelry. The three of them checked their coin purses for a little money for maybe something little that could help them on their way. Robin's contained nothing, as he had no need for money, it was just attached to robes he “stole” from the Inn. Charles had a penny. Barely enough to buy him a grain of rice. Scott, however, opened his and found it full of an amazing sum of money.

The fruits of pillaging.” He said “Should I feel guilty spending this.”

Nope!” Charles and Robin quickly replied.

Lets go spend it, shall we?” Robin then said.

They did, each of them spent a large amount of money, arming and clothing themselves for the adventures to come.

Charles' first purchase was a suit of armor. Strong and light it was, with an exceptional design. The chest piece centered around a disk in the middle, which was attached to a small sphere in the middle that was hooked to the Robes beneath. From there the piece broke into four quadrants. Between the borders of each of the quadrants was three smaller pieces used to make shifting in the armor even easier. There was a similar device surrounding the disk in every direction cut into eight pieces. Allowing for full range of motion. On the back was four straps made of woven gold and silver thread that held the armor in place. Two went from each shoulder to the opposite side of the waist parallel to each other. Where these crossed a disc similar to the one on the front was attached. Three pieces of shifting metal of decreasing size went to each corner. The remainder of the space was made up of chain mail and pieces of armor spread sparsely. The arms were done all the way down to his wrist with flexible gold thread and metal making it possible to maneuver in ways other armor wouldn't let you. At his waist was a strong belt and from it hung a battle skirt made of 7 solid plates of metal which at their shortest were seven inches and at their longest twenty. In the center of a belt was a red jewel That shone when he touched it. From the belt hung a banner, also red. That went nearly down to his feet Below the armor he wore crimson robe, which had a tail that nearly touched the ground while the front stayed a foot above. His boots were studded with metal like that of his armor. His helmet had one main piece fixed to his armor pointed in an arc, contoured to the back of his head. Fixed to that were three pieces that collapsed onto each other while behind his head, but when pushed forward, covered the top of his head and hung at three points, the longest covering his nose all the way down even to his chin the shortest going just below his cheekbone. All the metal was shining gold and embossed with silver. His book had a special place on the armor, the plate directly to the left of his waist had a slot, making the book part of his armor.

His sword rested in a sheath made of the same material with a one inch wide cutout in the middle from about two inches from each side and three from each end. The blade itself was five inches wide and was smithed masterfully. Nearly nothing could break the secret alloy. The blade was covered in markings that glowed red when in Charles' hands. It was four and a half feet long, It got thinner at the hilt as two downward curved points came from the main structure, the arms of the hilt surrounded these small points and four inches from the base of the hilt turned outward. The Handle was 20 inches long was wrapped with gold and silver thread, weaved together to form ribbon. The pommel was an empty dragons claw with three fingers. The sheath was attached to his back, the top being at his left shoulder. It was designed so when he pulled on it the sides opened and he could swing the blade out in one fluid motion.

Robin's purchases were just as extravagant. His robes were blue and had magic markings painted on them in a glowing white ink. His shoulders and his neck were covered by a flexible piece of armor, like Charles' except silver. His right arm had armor at the very top like a claw and was exposed with tattoos running down it. The tattoos were lines that converged on his wrist and disappeared under his gauntlet. It was big and made of silver with a spinning jewel on a metal disk in the palm and on top. These were used to channel his energy. His other arm exposed from the shoulder to the elbow, his forearm was covered by a thick piece of armor. His other hand was exposed. The robes were tight around his abdomen and he wore a belt with a blue stone, like Charles'. Below that they hung like overlapping drapes and dragged behind him. His head was covered by a hood. From the front of his belt hung a blue banner.

Scott had become afraid of magic. He had decided he would not use those talents and that he would fight with his own strength and speed. He bought leather of the finest quality and black robes made of the best silk. He tied them to himself tightly and hung a hood from his head and let the outer robes hang from his waist. He bought ten throwing knives and a glove made specifically for them. He could throw the knives into someone and retrieve them by simply thinking it. Each knife was made of silver and rested in a small silver sheath. He had on each side, hanging from a leather strap that ran across his thigh vertically. He also bought a short sword that hung from his waist on his back. It was curved and was housed in a sheath made of ivory. His arms were both completely uncovered.


Part XV- Old Friends, New Enemies


They left the town completely outfitted, and completely broke. What little money they had left they spent on food for the journey ahead, to lord knows where. They found themselves on a deserted road once again. The roads were full and busy miles and miles from the town, but at a certain point, the people just stopped appearing. As if there were something wicked in the land ahead. They silently conveyed navigational messages, afraid to alert their presence to anything dangerous. Their animals suddenly stopped moving.

Robin looked at Charles and shot an alarmed look into his eyes. Charles shrugged and looked at Scott who merely looked down at the ground and nodded to the other two. They understood the message and dismounted. They continued on the road, knowing that if there was something evil here, that it was up to them to end it. The crept forward. A solid screech hit them as a wave of darkness washed over them. When they righted their stance and looked forward there were two men. Standing tall and confident, covered in shadows, their red eyes glowing and steam escaping their perpetually open mouths with teeth bared and flashing in the moonlight. Charles and Scott drew their swords and Robin pointed his open palm at them.

Who are you?” Robin said

Don't you recognize us, we're your friends.” They said.

Oh my, but this one is new.” the one on the right said in hollow voice. He moved instantly in front of him and sniffed. He laughed. “Fresh...” he said hungrily

Tell us who you are!” Scott said, the one on the right returned to his spot.

I used to go by the name of Jim.” The one on the right said.

And I used to go by the name of Pablo.” said the one on the left.

Oh my god.” Charles said “What happened to you?”

Nothing, we decided we didn't need you, like you had decided you didn't need us.” Jim said.

To be gravely honest, we really didn't.” Robin threw in.

I can second that.” Charles said

I didn't know you but I trust their opi-” Scott started

Shut your mouths!” Pablo interrupted.

We will not fight you now.” Jim said

Because our new master told us to wait.” said Pablo

One day, you will pay for what you did to us, and Fela's most trusted Charim.” They faded away, and Robin's horse, as well as the others' beast trotted to them.

Should we be scared?” Robin asked climbing onto his horse.

No Robin, we shouldn't. They're just old friends with emotional grudges and brand new ridiculous powers.” Charles replied sarcastically.

Is there anything we could do? To become stronger, faster?” Scott asked

I know a way.” said Robin

How?” Charles said

We must return to my home, and talk to the Nico.”

The Nico? Have you gone mad? How can that monster help us.”

Uhm, guys, care to fill me in?” Scott asked

Hush,” Robin said “If given a tribute of sugar the Nico can grant powers like you have never seen.”

Where can we find sugar?” Charles asked

We'll figure it out on the way, okay?”


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