the cause of love

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Romance  |  House: Booksie Classic
the love feeling that every one of us wishes 2 say 2 his beloved one

Submitted: December 09, 2010

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Submitted: December 09, 2010



 every time i breath i take you inside

as you are the air that runs beside

me and in me as you are new the source

that makes my heart goes and because

of you i see all the world beautifull

as u made my heart full

of your love that keeps me warm

as when i see you i feel as if i'm newly born

but also feel that your love is like the ocean

and i'm drowning in this beautiful blue ocean

really in love is a great feeling

that makes all the human being

live as every one of them is searching

for the secound half of him that is missing

so i just want to say that i have found her

as she is like the lovley precious diamond

that shine all over my heart mith strange bond

between her and my little worthless heart

that i can't do anything to separate them apart

as my heart wants her so much

as he can get out of me for her so that much

i love you so god damn much and so i"ll

do whatever i takes for me to tell

you how much i love you

as i can sacrifice my whole life for just

see your eyes which i adore and trust

as your eyes kills me every time

i see them they turns my heart to a crime

but what a beautifull eyes that controls

as i'm now sure that you are the cause

that makes my life continues

as when i breath you go straight

to my heart that can't even wait

for you to come and be inside

or he will get out of me and be beside

you as i can live without my heart

only if it was with you my heart

so here is my heart between your hands

because he can't any more stands

inside me every time he sees you

as he loves you and i love you too

yes my heart loves you and i love you

my heart is out of me because of you

so you can make me ends

or you can make me begins

to live with you as your heart became my sun

that lights my life like the sweet taste of gum

so here i say that words away

just hoping to find the way

to your heart as that is what i always want

so here i say that i love you and i will always love you in my whole poor life

© Copyright 2020 the broken soul . All rights reserved.

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