the meaning of love ???

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the meaning of love in the dark time

Submitted: March 01, 2011

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Submitted: March 01, 2011



 what is the meaning of love??

the meaning of love is so beautifull

it is this something that always pull

you when you are down or sad

as the love kills every thing that is called bad

the love is when someone cares about you

and that he is willing to sacrefise only for you

love is when you alwayes want to be near

your love as his love make you don't feel any fear

love is when you want to live with him all your life

and when he leaves you feel as if there is a knife

in your heart that cuts it into two sides

love is when one wants to put someone in his heart

only to prevent him from getting apart

love is so wonderfull and can't be bought

love is like and ocean that contain a boat

and in every boat there is two loving hearts

that never want to leave eachother apart

and even god told us about love

as he said that god is love

so love i just want to tell you

that you are a wonderfull thing and i want to meet you

hope just to find you or i will die

as without love the heart will die

we humans breath air to live

but the heart breath love to live

so no one can live without love

and with love i feel as if i'm above the pain

because love always make me gain happeness

but i'm afraid that i won't be able to love any one else

but there is only one hope

that saves me and i will grap it as a rope

that hope is to find other love

but this time i will not leave this love

so this really the only meaning

the only secret that scares the human being

and this secret is about thing called love

and this really the only meaning of love

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