A little short story, from the messed up mind of mine. About an alter ego.

Hi, my name is Horace. I am 26. I have no life. No friends. No self-confidence. I only have me, myself, and my other self. See my other self is the problem. I call him Colin, but you can call him whatever. Colin came into my life when I was 14.  The date was September 13, 1997. I will never forget that day.
September 13, 1997
“Come down for breakfast Horace” called Betty. Betty was a typical suburban stay at home mom. She cleaned, cooked, and did all the odd jobs. Betty like a lot of other housewives had a secret. It wasn’t an affair, nothing like that. She was an alcoholic. Everyone in the family knew but didn’t say anything no they couldn’t mess with their perfect little family. “Coming Mom” answered Horace. Horace was and only child. He got all the attention. The world was his, especially because he had a rich doctor for a dad. Horace was the most normal of the family. Horace ran down the stairs and sat down at the kitchen table. His dad had a copy of the newspaper in one hand and a coffee mug in the other. Horace’s dad wasn’t really involved in his life. No being the prestigious Dr. Ian Cambell meant he was at the hospital all the time. He was also always at the hospital because of the young nurse he was having an affair with. Betty knows about the affair, but keeps it under wraps because she doesn’t what to lose Ian’s money. “ Remember Horace your coming with me to the store today so get yourself ready by 12:00” said Betty as she brought out a three plates of food. Horace ate his food as fast as possible. See there was a cute 15-year-old cashier that worked at the store that Horace liked. He got himself looking as nice as possible and ran downstairs at 11:55. “I am ready mom,” he yelled as he ran down the stairs straight for the door. “Be there in a sec,” she answered back.
Five Minutes Later
Unbeknownst to Horace at the time was that Betty was drunk. She had many years of practice of hiding it and was very skilled at it. “So what do you think of school so far” Betty asked. “ Well it has been a good first couple of weeks, met friends and made some new ones” Horace answered. Horace started to fiddle with the glove compartment and just as he was about to open “Betty’s Liquor Stash” her hand pulled his back. Now while taking the hand off the wheel Betty, being over the legal limit, lost control. The driver’s side was completely ripped of by the corner of a building. The force of the impact sent Horace’s face straight into the exploding airbag knocking him out. Horace was out for close to six hours. Yet somehow he was conscience of every minute. He started having dreams, but not ordinary dreams, no in them he just saw himself. They felt so real he called out to what looked like him. “Hello, what is going on,” He called out. “You were in a car accident, and you blacked out,” answered the strange dream figure. “ Who are you and why do you look like me,” Horace asked. “I am you, you are me, we are one in the same, yet different,” he answered. “You can call me Colin, or anything really I am just you other dormant side,” he said with a smirk. “As you can see I am no longer dormant,” Colin said as he disappeared. Horace was surprised by this news. He must be dreaming he told himself. He would soon find out he was not.
2 days later
“She deserved it, that rotten no good drunk,” said Ian over the phone. “I hope she rots in hell for the way she lived, my only regret is that she didn’t take that son of hers with her,” he continued not knowing that Horace was listening in the other room. So that is how he feels, he thought to himself. Maybe, you should run away or even better have some fun with him, Colin answered. Soon after he awoke Horace started hearing Colin and soon realized he hadn’t been dreaming. He realized that in fact he did have another side. What you mean kill him, Horace asked. Yes kill him good, answered Colin. No I won’t I can’t, Horace said. If you don’t I will, screamed Colin. Horace awoke with blood on his hand and his father’s head lying next to him. He vomited at the sight. The more and more he looked around the sicker he felt. His father’s body was roasting in the fireplace dormant and empty. It was like a shell. His organs were spread throughout the living room. One eye was on each antenna for the T.V. It was a grisly sight. He saw a blood splattered butchers knife next to his dad’s head. Like what I have done with the place, asked Colin. NO NO NO what did you do, Horace screamed at him. Had some fun, he answered as he laughed. Horace fainted from shock and was later sentenced to an insane Asylum.
12 years later.
So now I am writing about this because this is my last day here. They have cleared me to go live in a nearby 1-bedroom apartment. I will still get weekly checkups but I will at least have a life. Colin has been silent for the most part and I have been able to control his trying to take me over. He gets more agitated by the days. I am afraid I cannot hold him back much longer.
The next day
Horace paces nervously around his bedside. I am you, you can’t hold me back, this is my body. Those words paced through Horace’s mind all day. He was getting worn out from holding Colin back. I sat down on the bed and closed his eyes. Colin was making another advance; Horace grimaced in pain as it started to hurt holding Colin back. He thought about Colin’s words. I am you, I am you. Then it hit him. Colin is not separate from him it is him. Everyone has a Colin but his was uncontrollable. It was his rage. Then he understood what he must do. He hurt people, innocent people. His mind was beyond help. He must end his life. NOOOO You can’t I will not go I will not I must stay, Colin screamed. It seemed like slow motion as Horace smashed his window open. He must kill himself it was for everyone else’s good. He felt a slight breeze turn into a sudden rush as he dove head first out the window. His life flashed before his eyes. He saw the pain and suffering he caused and it gave him slight console as his skull crushed into his brain.

Submitted: October 25, 2009

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