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The poem reflects the story of a girl who spreads happiness all around but is completely shattered within..

Submitted: November 07, 2013

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Submitted: November 07, 2013



A young girl she is,moody and emotional,
carefree as an amateur,sincere as a professional..

Belongs to a rich but conservative family,
Still being alone is her life's tragedy..

She gives everyone all the love and care,
but when she is alone,no one is there..

Nurtured by her parents,yet she feels like an orphan,
Neglection and tortures,occur to her very often..

She is the middle child,the second daughter,
thats why her emotions,her parents slaughter..

Her family is unique,different in a bad way,
no one can bear such an atmosphere even for a single day..

Where the elder daughter dictates and parents follow,
where the presence of younger daughter and son is hollow..

Knowing and witnessing the ill deeds of the elder one,
the parents curse n disrespect the other daughter n son..

Where a mother is unwell to feed the younger ones,
and the moment the elder arrives,she is healthy enough to lift tons..

No restrictions are levied on the first and the third child,
and the middle one is questioned,restricted and made to cry wild..

Her problem is being calm and weak all the time,
cry silently or just make another rhyme..

She lives only for her brother,
Because they are ones who are left to starve together..

Coming to the 'remote control' of our house,
who roars like a lioness and then hides like a mouse..

she holds an attitude more than that of the first lady,
tired at the time of work,to chatter,she is always steady..

She can go on for days without water or food,
but still weigh the same,coz of the talks' pood..

'Double entendre' is what suits her the most,
fake inside out,and about her innocence the parents boast..

She just copies whatever her siblings do,
even buys a paint brush,d next moment when they do..

With her chin always up and her hands on the waist,
Watching her attire,one may pity her taste..

The tummy bulging out and expressions of Miss Earth,
and once she starts chatting,anyone could estimate her worth..

Digressing from the 'loud-speaker',I'll talk about the girl's peers,
who get damn busy after taking friendship-swears..

'Always at their service' has trodden her worth,
When she needs them the most,they are incapable to suffice her dearth..

The feeling of isolation,surrounds her throughout,
By perennial pleading and complaining now she has become stout..

She wishes a life which blossoms each day,
Wishes that people love her her way..

Thats all about her story this far,
Wish that she be free from each and every scar..!!!!!

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