The Vender and the Vegetarian

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A man and a woman. Two stranegrs, one love.

Submitted: January 05, 2013

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Submitted: January 05, 2013




In the centre of town stood a man. His job was to sell hot dogs to passers by. He did not hate his job. He did not love his job. He knew where he came from but he knew it too well. The past was his present, and the present was his future. Edmund was his name, and he was tall, dark and proud of his mustache. He had stod in the centre of town for half a decade, and maybe he longed for something else, maybe he did not. His face was the face of a pretend-to-be-content man. Determination to pretend to be happy took him one step closer to the beginning of a faint smile. Little did he know that it was that shadow of a smile that made a certain Alice Eleanor fall desperately in love with him. She was the kind of girl that people noticed, but did not talk to. She was very shy, she had an aura around her that told people to stay away. She needed space, always, anywhere. Still people bumped into her ecverywhere. She had seen the hot dog man for every day the past five years, and she had liked him from the start. Mainly because she felt if he bumped into her, she wouldn't mind. That was how she knew if she liked someone - something that did not happen too often. She was certainly a lonely wolf of character. With her dark red hair in bright-coloured ribons she looked like a fairy strolling down the road in dresses from another era. Alice Eleanor was a sweetheart, a very introvert and quiet one, but yet still a sweetheart. And she felt bound by destiny to Edmund, but she did not know his name yet.

Alaistair noted the change of manner. Suddenly his daughter had become more eager to comb her hair and paint her lips an even brighter colour of red. He feared she had caught the sickness of love - a disease he did not wish her to suffer from. A long time ago this illness as he called it broke his heart, and no medicine could cure it. Rosemary was the everlasting love of his life, but dying in childbirth as she did, she left him feeling half for the rest of his life. Seeing Alice Eleanor going down the same road as him hurt what was left of his soul, but he dared say nothing of the matter. He observed, and he was a good observer. Hoping the best for her, he prayed that whoever was the subject of her love was man enough to see what a fragile and pleasent rosebud she was.

It was not early, but it was not late, when Alice Ealanor decided she wanted a hot dog. Vegetarian as she was, she felt like a villain, but just for a second. Approaching the stand on her way from school she felt a blush rise to her cheek. Her blood started to boil, but she held her head up high, determined to appear confident, but knowing she was bound to fail horribly. Edmund saw her coming closer, feeling worried inside. Who was this creature coming up to him as if she was the Queen herself? And bright red as well. There they stood, just watching each other. Apparantly eating meat had slipped the girls mind, Saying nothing it was barely possible for her to hand over the pink scented letter she had written down at least ten times before it was good enough for his eyes. Edmund felt very foolish taking the letter from this childish university student who in the next second ran off out of sight. This was their first encounter.

Coming home that night Edmund had forgotten about the pink scented letter given to him by the crazy girl. It somehow fell to the floor as he took his coat off. Seeing it there on the floor, he thought this was the first letter ever given to him by a girl before, and he was bound to read it just because of that. He opened it, letting the daffodil smell go to his head. It was a letter containing two lines written in beautiful but very hard to read handwriting: You hotdog vender by the day, when may I steale you away? Come see me in the park tomorrow night, you're bound to see a wonderful sight". The last words made him think of her blushing face and sceared expression - and the letter appeared very comical to him. Here was a girl that either made fun of him or actually liked him. Edmund knew howveer that he would go to the park the following day after work, just to see what this giirl would do next. For she brought a smile upon his face - a smile that had been gone for far too long. 

It was afternoon the following day, and Edmund was packing up from a rather busy Saturday. Walkning towards the park he pictured several scenarios, but all of them seemed foolishly extravagant as he saw the girl sitting on a bench reading. Unaware as she was of his presence, he no longer found her unattractive. The overwhelming blush from yesterday was replaced with a faint pink colour contrasting the white skin and dark red hair, long hair reaching down to her waist. Now he got slightly nervous, but he was at least four years older than her, and he told himself he had control over the situation. It was in that moment she saw him, stood up and walked over. This was their second encounter, there in the middle of the park an afternoon in September.The hot dog vender and the vegetarian could never have guessed that this was the beginning of something grand...


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