Star Wars: After the Fall - Renduel and Tika

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After the destruction of the Death Star and Imperial leadership. A rogue jedi begins his dangerous ambition in the criminal underworld with his young friend.

Submitted: August 03, 2013

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Submitted: August 03, 2013




On a crowded hover train on the planet Derra a cloaked man sits reading a small leather notebook. Suddenly the connecting door at the front of the cab he was in opens. Three guys walk through, spot him and walked over. They stop a few feet in front of him.

“Renduel, you know why we're here.” the man in the middle said.

Renduel sat in his seat not showing any hint that he seemed to care. He scribbled notes in the small leather notebook.

“Yes, I do.” he said casually, “I see you brought help. It will do you no good.”

The train was crowded and it was almost at the next stop.

“You can leave here with you life or you can go back to your boss and tell him I will be seeing him in a few days.”

“That's not good enough. Your leaving with us now.”

The man took a few steps closer to Renduel. Renduel snapped to his feet, hit the guy in his throat, and kicked him in the chest, knocking him back into his partners. He tucked away his leather notebook staring at the guy they brought with them. He was cloaked and his hood covered his eyes.

The guy remained calm. Renduel sensed earlier that there was a jedi near. The guy was a jedi trained in the dark arts and was rogue like him. Renduel backed away to the end of the hover train cab towards the back connecting door. The other jedi pushed passed the three others and followed Renduel.

Renduel opened the connecting door, entered the dividing walkway, used the force to open its emergency hatch to the top of the hover train cab and jumped up through onto the roof. He started running along towards the next cab. The other jedi followed and was pursuing Renduel.

Renduel knew who the other jedi was. Hopping cab roof to cab roof. The hover train was coming up to over passes that were a height clearance of a foot above the hover train cab roof. He stopped, faced the on coming jedi, drew his lightsaber as did the other jedi. They swung and swiped at each other, missing and dodging.

The first overpass came up. Renduel pushed away from the other jedi and leaped, clearing the overpass landing on the cab roof as did the other jedi. They continued with their lightning fast display of jedi prowess. Renduel was suddenly caught with an elbow in the chin and a kick to the gut sending him backwards to the edge of the cab roof.

The jedi was good thought Renduel regaining his stance. The other jedi lunged and swung his lightsaber at him. He deflected the attack and countered with a punches, knees and finally catching him with a lightsaber strike across the abdomen. The jedi yelled out in pain clutching his belly backing off. Renduel leaped again over an incoming overpass as did the wounded jedi just barely making it.

Renduel knew he had him beat. Just down the cab from him the emergency hatch door opened and one of the three guys from before climbed out. He started shooting at Renduel with his blaster. Renduel deflected the lasers as he ran over to him. One of the lasers he deflected hit the guy in the shoulder causing him to drop his blaster. When he was in range, he cut upwards diagonally as he ran pass him. The guy's body spurted blood as it fell in half, sliding off over the side of the cab roof.

Jumping over more overpasses, from one cab to the next, he came up to an emergency hatch opened it and hopped down through it. He was now in a cargo hold. Finding a place to hide, he waited. The jedi and the other two guys with him followed. The jedi let the two guys go in first. They cautiously searched for him in the dark cargo hold. Renduel waited as they approached and attacked. Both were dead with body parts severed laying beside them in pools of blood.

The other jedi wasn't in sight as Renduel searched around his surroundings in the dark cargo hold. Relying on his senses he knew the jedi was near.

“Tret, your beat,” Renduel said, “Your a fool to think you can bring me in.”

Out from the darkness a steel rod came flying at Renduel. He deflected it with his forearm and jumped backwards dodging the swift charge of Tret from another side. Renduel defended himself against Tret's blitz and was eventually knocked into a pile of crates. Tret vaulted screaming through the air with his lightsaber ready to take Renduel's life.

Renduel diverted the lightsaber with his enough to miss his head at the last minute sending it plunging into the floor. That's when he whopped Tret in the face, disarmed him and bucked him off, sending him sliding across the cargo hold floor. Renduel dismantled Tret's lightsaber as he stood up.

Renduel walked over to Tret laying on the floor.

“Get up and die like a jedi.” Renduel said, “it was foolish to side with them and naïve to even try to bring me in.”

Tret laid on the floor in a bloody mess looking aghast up at Renduel with a hand out in front of him. With multiple swift strikes, Tret was dead.

The hover train finally made it to the next stop. Exiting onto the station platform amongst the commuters. He kept himself blended in the crowd trying not to draw the attention of the stormtroopers passing by in the station going towards the hover train. Spotting his friend and meeting up with her, he informed her of what happened. They quickly soon left the hover train station.

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