Star Wars - After the Fall: The Crimson 1

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After the destruction of the Death Star and Imperial leadership. A small group of Imperial troopers are escaping capture from the Rebel Alliance on the Endor moon.

Submitted: July 31, 2013

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Submitted: July 31, 2013




Somewhere in a tree top in the deep forest on the moon of planet Endor, an Imperial scout trooper makes adjustments on his rifle scope.

40 meters down range was an Imperial bunker camouflaged in the forest's foliage. The Rebel Alliance captured the bunker and has detained all the Imperial troopers. The scout trooper zoned his sniper rifle's cross-hair on the head of a Rebel soldier that was in the bunker.

A voice over his ear-bud comm-set told him that they were in position. The scout trooper flicked the safety off, inhaled, exhaled and pulled the trigger. The head of the Rebel soldier exploded and a voice over the ear-bud comm-set yelled to move in.

Imperial troopers that were hiding along the perimeter, ran out from their cover towards the bunker. One by one each of them climbed into the bunker window. The scout trooper could hear orders being given over his ear-bud comm-set from the troopers inside.

Climbing down from his perch to the forest floor, the scout trooper exchanged his long range rifle for a close quarter combat blaster. Running through the bunkers perimeter and up towards the open bunker of the dead Rebel soldier, he climbed in and dropped to the floor with his blaster ready and alert.

Stepping over the dead Rebel soldier's headless body and making his way down a flight of stairs to where a small group of troopers were held up. The scout trooper crouched down by a nearby trooper and Imperial engineer at the hallway entrance.

“Hope those fucks didn't leave us behind,” the trooper said to the scout trooper, “we ain't got that much time to get the hell out of here and off this shit moon. Plus, there's a hell of a lot of RA ships in orbit just waiting to net anyone trying to make a run for it.”

The scout trooper undid the straps on his helmet with one hand.

“Can't believe they actually did it,” the Imperial engineer said, “how could they have did it? My superiors said that it would be impossible for them too.”

Removing his helmet and tossing it aside, the scout trooper said, “Well, they did. Now it's just survival.”

“Those filthy fucking animals!” shouted the trooper, “we should of nuked all the fucking RA worlds, every last fucking one. They think they have us by the balls just cause they took out the Death Star, no fucking way!” The trooper elbowed the wall behind him in a fit of rage. Then a voice over his ear-bud comm-set interrupted.

“Vanguard,” said the voice, “take your team to engineering. We need a fuel cell for one of the ships. The rest of the decks haven't been cleared so there's still RA soldiers around. We have little time before more RA swarm this place.”

Vanguard acknowledged and order everyone to follow him as he stepped out into the hallway. The troopers made their way through the decks with caution and got into a few firefights with scattered RA soldiers. Reaching the engineering deck, the troopers entered and started searching for a fuel cell.

The scout trooper leaned up against the corner of the engineering entrance to keep a lookout with another trooper. Amongst the containers and other spare parts, the Imperial engineer found a fuel cell. He grabbed it, called out to the others that he found one and started to make his way over to the scout trooper.

As Vanguard was leaving engineering he spotted an open fuel cell locker. He called out for them to not go yet. The Imperial engineer yelled for him to leave it. Vanguard reached the locker and opened it.

There was an explosion in the room that sent everyone to the floor. The scout trooper picked himself up off the floor and helped the other trooper he was with to his feet. The both of them helped the rest. Vanguard's body parts were splattered across everything and everyone. The Imperial engineer yelled for everyone to get to the docking bay.

On the way to the docking bay a voice on the scout troopers' ear-bud comm-set was talking but he couldn't make it out through the static. Then finally it came through clear.

“Vanguard?!” the voice said, “Vanguard?!”

The scout trooper slowed down from running and said, “This is Corporal Rik. Vanguard is dead. Tripped a RA trap.”

“Okay, Rik,” said the voice, “the RA have arrived and they have soldiers on ground. We got at least 20 minutes to get to the ship, load up the fuel cell and get the hell out of here.”

“What about the others?” asked Rik.

“They already left,” said the voice, “I'll meet you at the ship.”

Rik yelled to move ass as the RA is knocking at the front door. Reaching the docking bay. Rik stopped at the bay door and set a laser trip charge and ran over to the last ship and boarded it. Inside the ships cargo bay the Imperial engineer already loaded up the fuel cell and the ships engines fired up.

As the ship was taking off the bay floor. A group of RA soldiers were running down the hallway towards the docking bay entrance. As the first RA soldier's leg passed by the laser trip charge there was an explosion. The group of RA soldiers were mangled or dead laying on the floor crying out in pain.

Rik and the Imperial engineer sat in the cargo bay while the pilot flew the ship out of the docking bay. There were RA soldiers on the ground firing up at their ship as it maneuvered through the onslaught of the attack down below.

Clearing the forest, the ship climbed altitude upwards, passing through the stratosphere and into low orbit. The pilot steered the ship in a course to where the nearest Imperial Star Destroyer was. The pilot turned on the intercom and said that they're safe for now but the RA ships will be on our asses until and they reach a safe distance to the nearest Star Destroyer.

“Oh, that is good to hear.” the engineer said.

“We ain't out of it yet.” Rik said to the engineer.

Rik entered the cockpit of the ship and could see the Imperial fleet then he noticed the pilot. Sitting in the pilot seat was a woman. She wasn't wearing the standard pilot flight suit, but a fleet mechanic suit. Rikill sat down in the copilot seat next to her.

“Nice flying,” he said, “we probably wouldn't have gotten out of there if it wasn't for you.”

“I flew through worst,” she said looking over the control panel. “We took some damage, but we will came it.”

The woman was flicking switches and turning dials every so often. She seemed focused on flying the ship.

“Your a scout trooper?” she asked.

“Yeah,” Rik replied, “I would of guessed you were a TIE fighter pilot, but judging from your suit your a mechanic. Right?”

“Yeah, that's right. Well...was a Tie fighter pilot until my injury grounded me.”

“Did you try and contact the Star Destroyer?”

“No, but if you haven't noticed. I got my hands full and trying to keep us from becoming prisoners of war.”

Rik grabbed the communicator and set to the right channel.

“Mayday, mayday,” he said, “this Corporal Rik of Battalion 46. We are requesting an emergency docking.” There was just static. He repeated again and there was just static over the comm.

“Son of a bitch,” the woman said.

“Somethings wrong...” Rik said.

“Your damn right something is wrong. We better find away to fix it cause the RA is right on our ass.”

Rik could see that a RA cruiser and X-Wings were trailing and closing in fast.

“How we doing for power?” he asked.

The woman checked the power levels and said, “we are good on power. Why? You have a plan?”

“Well, we could make a jump to hyperspace to the nearest Imperial outpost. Or we could take our chances with that Star Destroyer that maybe overtaken by the RA.”

“But how would we know that? Their communications just may be down and that's where we were told to go!”

Suddenly there were small explosions erupting on the Star Destroyer that they heading for. It started breaking apart in large sections. Rik and the woman were stunned at what they saw.

“Okay, buckle up,” the woman said, “were jumping.”

Rik spoke over the ships intercom and updated everyone that they will be making a jump to the nearest Imperial outpost as the current plan was scrapped. The woman dialed up the nearest Imperial outpost, set the coordinates and made the jump.

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