Target Acquired: Corporate Heir 1

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic
Now known by Voight through his new identity. He takes on his first job which involves breaking into a shipping yard warehouse to retrieve documents and cause destruction. Episode 1

Submitted: October 24, 2013

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Submitted: October 24, 2013



With a new identity, Voight met with the contact to get the details of the job. It seemed easy enough. Nothing he couldn't handle, he had done similar stuff back in his service days. Only difference was that it's on his own terms, freelance.

Checking his equipment and gear, he loaded up and headed out. He approached the shipping yard through a dark back alley under the cover of darkness. The area he was in had no signs of activity, maybe a few buildings had night cleaners. The warehouse in the shipping yard had lights on and he could see a couple of people walking around out on the grounds. The contact said that there would be armed security.

Voight knew the layout of the yard, inside floor plans, surveillance camera positions and access required doors. Flipping on his night vision goggle's he made his way up to the fence of the yard and slowly crept along to a gate with a key card tab. Using the key card the contact gave him, the gate unlocked and he slipped through.

Voight moved in between heavy machinery and trailers to avoid the security in the yard. A couple of times the security guards passed a few feet from him as he waited in the dark. Once they got a safe enough distance away, he'd move closer to his point of entry into the warehouse. Passing by a key code door, Voight came up to a maintenance ladder on the side of the building. Suddenly the key code door opened and out walked a security guard, he lit up a cigarette and radioed to the other security guards that were out in the yard.

The door closed as the security guard looked around puffing on his cigarette and his gaze ended on the maintenance ladder. Nobody was their. Voight was just climbing over the roof edge, he looked down below at the smoking security guard and then left the area.

Finally reaching the boiler room outside door, he picked the lock and entered. The machinery was humming load as he walked through. Turning a corner he ended up face to face with a maintenance worker. Both stopped in their tracks and stared at each other. The maintenance worker looked shocked as Voight was dressed in all black clothing with a black mask and asked what Voight was doing in there.

Voight started walking towards the guy. The guy backed away and yelled for him not to come any closer and reached for a metal pipe on a table and started swinging. Voight deflected the pipe with a nearby box that he picked up and threw it at the maintenance guy, knocking him backwards on to the floor. Voight jumped on the guy and held a knife to his throat and said into his ear if he wanted to live he'd better do as he say.

Voight exited the boiler room with the maintenance guy tied up on the floor and made his way down the hallways and through an office area coming up to the shipping yard manager's office. It was number coded. He pulled out a small device from his waist bag, turned it on and connected its wires to the number pad on the door. While the device was running he spotted a security guard through the windows of the office area walking down the hallway. He crouched down and kept watch.

The security guard entered the office area and turned half of the lights on. Voight set the device down on the ground to let it finish and crept away to a different area. The security guard eventually noticed the device and walked over. As the security guard knelt down to pick it up, Voight crawled out from under a desk in a nearby cubical and put a choke hold on the guard. After a brief struggle the guard was on the ground face down knocked out.

The number code pad was bypassed, he entered the manager's office, set the incendiary charges, searched and retrieved documents and left. He had a ten minute window before the charges would go off.

Exiting the manager's office, Voight noticed the security guard he knockout was gone. He carefully made his way to the other end of the office area and waited by the edge of a corner of the entrance to the hallway. He peeked out down to the left and right and seen nobody. Once stepping out into the hallway to go left, gunshots rang out, he was hit in the chest twice which caused him to stumble backwards into the office area.

Voight immediately regained his balance, pulled out an automatic sub-machine along with a mirror and crouched near the same corner of the office entrance. He retracted the handle of the mirror and stuck out into the hallway. The security guard he knockout had taken up a position behind a desk at the end of the hallway going right. The security guard fired off more rounds hitting the surrounding walls and floor by Voight. He could hear the security guard radioing for back up.

Shit. He had 5 minutes to get to a safe distance before the incendiary charges went off. Four more security guards arrived armed and started making their way towards Voight. He quickly leaned out from his corner and fired off a three round burst and took cover again, all rounds missed but made the security guards fall back to take cover. They fired more shots down his direction as he pulled a pin from a smoke grenade. He tossed it down to the middle of the hallway, with in seconds the hallway started to fill with smoke. 3 minutes left on the charges.

Under cover of smoke he bolted out from his position down the hallway going left firing numerous three round bursts into the smoke screen. One of the security guards let out a groan as a bullet hit him in the throat, spurting blood out onto the floor, wall and fellow security guards. Running down the hallway in a hail of gun fire, turning a corner down another hallway and pushing through a stairwell door, he made his way up to the top and exited out onto the warehouse roof. Running across the roof, the incendiary explosives timer ended and detonated.

Voight felt the shock wave of the explosion under his feet. Parts of the roof caved in onto the floor beneath. Reaching the edge off the roof where he had a rope and harness waiting, he strapped in and repelled down the side of the building to the ground. Unstrapping he made a break for the gate he came through into the shipping yard and was gone into the night. The warehouse was burning furiously and parts of the roof and top floor collapsed in on its.

The next day Voight met with the contact with the documents and handed them over.

“Not bad, not bad,” the contact said taking the documents, “your a real commando. Running around, shooting people, sneaking into places and stealing very important information.”

“It's what I like to do.” Voight replied.

“Well, if your interested. We are putting a crew together for another job in the next few days. You want in?”

“What kind of job is it?”

“We have a few problem employee's that need to be persuaded. Our actions require a light touch. Surveillance. Nothing aggressive, unless provoked.”

“Yeah, I'm in.”

“Okay, good. I'll let you know when we are gonna go ahead and I'll have more details for you.”

Voight and the contact partied ways. Back at his place he stripped off his clothes in front of the mirror in his bathroom. He lightly ran his fingers over the bruising on his chest where the two bullets hit. Too close. I guess the years he spent in Tulkar 7 wore on him, but he would get back into. A voice called out for him from the bedroom which prompted him to walking there.

“Is everything alright baby?” a woman asked him.

“Yeah,” he answered, “just a job related hazard. Nothing you should worry about.”

Voight walked over to the bed where the woman laid naked.

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