Target Acquired: Corporate Heir 2 - part 3

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Voight joins a team to conduct surveillance on 3 targets at a resort for 3 nights during a festival. Without his assigned team partner Jenny, Voight assists Team 2 with their third and final target. Episode 2: part 3

Submitted: October 28, 2013

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Submitted: October 28, 2013



Voight was woken up during the night by his Telcomm ringing on the nightstand by the bed. It was the contact. He took the call in the bathroom so he wouldn't wake up Jenny. The conversation was short. Voight was asked if he'd being willing to take on another assignment after tonight, he agreed and the call was ended. Placing the Telcomm back on the nightstand he quietly crawled back into bed with Jenny. She shifted her weight letting out a soft moan while Voight slid up against her under the covers. He rubbed his nose behind her ear and hair to take a whiff of her still lingering perfume and ran a hand over her shoulder, along her back and across her stomach before settling down and eventually falling asleep.

In the morning Voight woke up alone in the bed. There was a letter on the nightstand by his Telcomm and a room service breakfast tray by the holoscreen. Picking up the letter it read that she was sorry about last night and at the bottom of the letter was a number.

Cleaning up and getting dressed, Voight left Jenny's room and headed back to his. He dropped off his surveillance equipment with Team 2 and spent the rest of the day waiting for the time to start the nights last job. He tried to figure out Jenny, but soon became paranoid with endless 'what if' scenarios.

The evening rolled in and the festival kicked back up into full gear. Team 2 called Voight to met with them in their room. They explained how they wanted him to help out and gave him a backpack with pair of maintenance coveralls and a hat that matched theirs. With the backpack in hand he left their room.

Voight rode the elevator down to the lobby, walked down a hallway that was by the hotel kitchen and stopped at a venting machine. Just a few feet away was a 'staff only' door with a card access lock. Through his ear-bud comm-unit he could hear Team 2's activities. Looking down at his watch it was 3 minutes till he could make his next move. Once the 3 minutes passed, the 'staff only' door made a clicking sound in which then he hurried over to open it and slipped inside.

Inside the stairwell he quickly opened up the backpack and dressed up with the maintenance uniform. He dumped the backpack with his old clothes in a trash can and made his decent down the stairwell to the sub-basement. Reaching the bottom there was a shuttle shop that shuttled staff workers through a tunnel system to each of the hotels underground.

He caught a ride with a couple of staff workers that were heading to the same hotel. Arriving, Voight radioed Team 2 that he was on location. Team 2 said for him to go to the electrical room on the east-wing of the sub-basement level he was on. He passed by a few staff workers and tried to not make eye contact or seem out of place.

Inside the electrical room he found the a toolbox on a shop table that Team 2 left him. Inside of it were 2 small putty bricks with short fuses stuck in at the base. Cracking open a panel that was marked by Team 2. He mushed the 2 small putty bricks onto the cables, lit the fuses, shut the panel, grabbed the toolbox and left the room. Voight radioed Team 2 that the charges were in place and lit. Team 2 said for him to met them out in the back parking lot of the hotel he was in.

As Voight was ascending the maintenance stairwell he passed by 3 maintenance workers. One of them was saying that there was a fire coming from the east-wing electrical room and another one said that power on floors 44 and 47 were offline. Voight reached the main floor of the hotel, made his way pass the kitchen and through the loading bay in which he eventually came out in the back parking lot. Team 2 were waiting for him in a van.

In the back of the van Voight exchanged his maintenance coveralls for the resort security uniform. The van left the hotel that had no power and pulled into the back parking lot of the hotel right next to it. Team 2 drove off as Voight entered the loading bay where he could hear a couple of resort staff workers talk about the power outage. The residents on those floors were complaining and a group of people were trapped in an elevator.

In the back of the loading bay, Voight got on the maintenance elevator with a security guard and pressed the call button for the top floor. While riding up, the security guard asked Voight if he was new? Voight said that he just started 2 days ago. The security guard asked which supervisor trained him? Voight just responded that he couldn't remember their name but they seemed like an asshole. The security guard laughed and stepped off on his floor.

On the top floor where the penthouses were, Voight walked passed a guest that was pissed off as she asked for security an hour ago to unclog her toilet, ignoring her, he took a stairwell to the roof at the end of the hallway. On the roof he exchanged his clothes again from a duffel bag that was left over by a vent shaft by Team 2. Dressed in all black tactile clothing with a black mask, he took the duffel bag with him over to the roofs edge.

The night sky around him was lit up by neon laser lights from the festival down below. He listened to the music playing in the background as he pieced together a high pressure gas operated crossbow. Loading it up, he took aim at the vacant penthouse above the 47 floor on the next hotel that had no power. He set the crossbow's cross-hair on the wall pass the balcony of the vacant penthouse. Pulling the trigger, the crossbow kicked back into his shoulder, shooting out a grappling hook. It sailed through the night air and hit its mark. Voight rigged up the line with a harness for himself and his duffel bag and slowly shimmied across the vast open distance.

On the balcony of the vacant penthouse, Voight rigged up another harness and geared up. He radioed Team 2 that he was in position over floor 47 and ready. Seconds later, Team 2 radioed back saying the secondary alarms were now offline and it was okay to go. Climbing over the balcony railing, he leaned back and jumped away giving himself slack, dropped a few feet and started rappelling down the side of the hotel.

Reaching the balcony of target 3's room on floor 47. Voight unstrapped from his harness, quietly entered the room and placed audio recording bugs throughout. He notified Team 2 that the bugs were set and that he'd be getting out. Team 2 did a quick check on the audio bugs and said it was clear for him to leave. Gearing up on the harness, he clipped on a motorized pulley to the line and zipped his way back up along the side of hotel to the penthouse above. The 3 day assignment was finished.

The following day, Voight was picked up by the contact for a drive to discuss the next assignment.

“The guys on Team 2 were impressed with you on the last nights job;” the contact said, “you were fucking outstanding as they put it. I didn't think you'd be able to pull it off, but you did.”

“I live for that type of stuff,” Voight responded, “it makes life more interesting. The more dangerous the better.”

“That's what I like to hear. What did you think of Jenny?”

“She's professional and very good at what she does. Definitely has a way with people.”

“More ways then one, right. Did you like working with her?”

“Yeah, I did.”

“Great. That brings me to your next job. Here are the details.”  

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