Target Acquired: New Papers and Old Friends

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Booksie Classic

Ryant is a disgraced soldier that just been released from a military prison. He goes to see his old friend to get started with a new life and kicks it off. The introduction of the series.

Ryant sat in his cell waiting for the last few minutes of his sentence to be up. The holoscreen on his cell wall turned on. A female voice read out the sentence he was in for, his time served, the violations during incarceration, and ended with a speech about rehabilitation and integration back into society.

The female voice then asked Ryant to take sometime to do a survey. He just told the female computer to fuck off and started getting his things together.

While he was packing up his belongings a guard appeared at his cell door. The guard taunted him to hurry up and insulted him. Ryant brushed it off with smirk and was escorted out of the cell block to the facility release center. He was body scanned along with his belongings, given multiple injects for a disease he had contracted and finally led to the prisoner shuttle to be transported back to the surface.

Once in the discharge center his ride was waiting for him in the docking bay. His ex-girlfriend's younger sister was his ride. Reluctant, he got into her vehicle and they left. She started visiting him after Alison broke it off with him. She said she felt sorry for him that he was all alone with no support. Somehow he thought that wasn't the main reason why, but something a bit more. Eventually he'll disappear to start a new life. Maybe, take her to bed first and then take off. Why not? He didn't care. Even if he did end up with her he'd be still involved with Alison partially and that was more then he could handle. What a fucking cunt Alison was.

Ryant was dropped off at an old friends place, he thanked her and she invited him to come to her friends party. He declined the offer, but she insisted he take her number for another time. He took her number and walked away. 3 years of forced celibacy and he needed to release his pent up male primal needs. All the reason why he chose his old friend's place as a start off.

Catching up with his former service comrade and getting a bit drunk into the evening, they called up an escort service for a party that he only dreamed of for the pass couple of years. The drinks were coming nonstop, the ladies were getting wild, some drugs were making their way around, but Ryant refused as that wasn't his thing. He had only one thing on his mind. He led one of the escorts that he liked into the spare bedroom on the 2nd level and closed the door behind them.

The morning after Ryant was in the living room standing in front of the observation window that looked out onto the city of Alkonost sipping on his coffee. His old friend entered the apartment with some envelopes. He handed them over to Ryant.

“New identity.” the friend said, “A new everything just as you requested.”

“Thanks.” Ryant said breaking the security seal on one of the envelopes.

“Now Ryant. I have to tell you.”

“Yeah go ahead. What is it?”

“Usually with all the clients it's just within the region. Nothing outside. But, for you I gave you the premium deal. Cross border access, even cross ocean. You also got a higher grade of credits and a 1 year lease card that's also cross border and cross ocean clean. I'd say it's my best work in along time.”

“That's great. You really pulled through for me on this one and gave me an extra mile. More than enough to start new. What about the contact?”

“That's what I wanted to talk to you about. Considering we go back along way. Back to the early days of service together on the Sedna moons. This contact was pretty dicey for me to get as the XSF Intelligence has been closing in on me for the pass month. I know, pretty heavy shit. I wouldn't have done it for no one else, but you also came at a funny time in my career. Lets just say that I have prepared myself a permanent platinum class vacation away from this system.”

Ryant wasn't surprised. Nothings without risk in his lifestyle. The both of them talked for the last time and went their separate ways. Using his lease card he got himself a decent place for the next few days. He broke the seal on the small envelope, tipped it upside down and a piece of paper with a number fell out onto his hand. After calling it and talking to the contact, he had a job.  

Submitted: October 15, 2013

© Copyright 2022 The Coyote. All rights reserved.

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stranger in the corner

starts out good, where is the rest?

Tue, October 15th, 2013 1:20pm


Thanks dude! Target Acquired is a new short story series that I just started. This was just the introduction. There will be new episodes coming.

Tue, October 15th, 2013 11:04am


Nice start. Quite intruiging and interesting :)

Mon, October 28th, 2013 7:19pm


Thanks. If you have any stories that are graphic adult themed set in the future (sci-fi) I'd be gladly to read!

Mon, October 28th, 2013 12:28pm

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