X Death: Hell Fire 1

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In the ultra violent tournament of X Death. The flamethrower cannon wielding combatant by the name of Fusion blasts his way through the competition. Episode 1

Submitted: November 11, 2013

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Submitted: November 11, 2013



Wham! Axel's head whipped back sending his body following in midair landing smack on his back. He half sat up, struggling to get his barrings and soon fell back down laid out. The world was spinning and somewhere out there he could hear his other team mate yelling for him.

A man wearing a suit of red armor and red helmet with a chrome face shield walked up to him saying, “Ha, you think you could bury me cocksucker! You think you can kill me fucker! Nice try asshole!”

The man in the red armor kicked Axel in the ribs causing him to roll over on his side in a fetal position gasping and wrenching in pain.

“Where's your buddies huh? Where are they? That was pretty clever what you did. I'll give you that, but it wasn't enough.”

The man in the red armor kicked Axel over on his back and jammed his combat boot down onto Axel's neck. Axel weakly tried to remove the combat boot off his throat, but the man in the red armor just pressed down harder.

“Yeaaaahhh...that's right. Feel like giving up? You want this to be done? Huh? I can't hear you. No, no, no, no...it ain't gonna be that easy punk. What? You gonna say something? What was it that you said? Fusion is on a level below me! He ain't a threat or even a contender! Well, fuck you and your bitch! I am gonna teach her a lesson she will never forget and your gonna watch!”

Fusion lifted his combat boot off of Axel's throat, turned around and started walking over to the other side of the mid-level center platform. Axel's head was still spinning, causing him increasing nausea. Fusion picked up his flamethrower pack, slung it on his back and made his way over to Axel's team mate tied up laying down beside a gun turret mount. She yelled out for Axel trying to break loose of her bindings.

Fusion lit his flamethrower, aimed it at the woman, turned to look at Axel and said, “Hey, lover boy! Say goodnight to your girlfriend!”

Fusion squeezed the trigger of his flamethrower cannon. A thick stream of napalm sprayed out of it's nozzle. The woman screamed out as she was consumed by the hell fire. Fusion waved his flamethrower cannon side to side, making sure she was completely covered. She squirmed, kicked and rolled over and side to side in an attempt to extinguish the blaze feasting on her entire body. Fusion still spraying her laughed with joy knowing Axel was witnessing this.

Fusion let off the trigger of his flamethrower cannon and stood watching the woman go from screaming thrashing to a low whimper crawl and then laid still silent. Axel screamed out as he watched all this rolling over onto his stomach facing her burning corpse.

“Whoa, look at that,” Fusion said with glee, “sorry, Axel. Over did it again. I ain't the cook I use to be.”

“You son of bitch!” Axel screamed, “I'm gonna fucking kill you!”

“Well, you had your chance buddy. But, you fucked that up. Killing your friend and baby girl in the process.”

Axel got up to one knee and said, “I am gonna shove that thing up your ass and pull the trigger!”

“Yeah, and how do you expect to do that?”

Suddenly there was a gun shot and Fusion was hit in the leg. His armor deflected it, causing him to turn where the shot came from. Axel's friend came walking down the ramp from the top level platform to the mid-level, shooting his sub-machine gun. While a stunned Fusion was getting shot at, Axel jumped to his feet and sprinted over to him with a knife in hand.

Fusion took aim at Axel's friend on the ramp and hosed him down with a blast of searing hot flame. The guy turned away and tried to dodge it but was partially hit by it. Axel reached Fusion, grabbed a hold of his helmet, pulled back and started relentlessly stabbing Fusion.

Fusion let out a howl as the knife stuck in between the weak part of his plated red armor. Fusion elbowed Axel in the face multiple times, pushed himself away, turned around and kicked Axel's groin causing him to crouch down in pain. Fusion turned his attention back to Axel's friend on the ramp who was half smoldering from the flame blast. Fusion took out a napalm grenade, pulled it's pin and tossed it up at the guy.

“This one is on me!” Fusion yelled.

The napalm grenade landed at the top of the ramp and rolled down. Axel's friend started shooting, the bullets ricocheted of Fusion's red armor as the napalm grenade rolled closer. There was a loud blast. Rolling out of the flames and off the ramp into the level below was Axel's friend.

Fusion quickly turned back to Axel and before he could blast him, Axel sprang at him grabbing on to his flamethrower cannon. Both pulled and pushed fighting for control. Hot searing flame shot out as Fusion tried to blast Axel.

Fusion kneed Axel in the stomach and tried to leg sweep him, but Axel he was too fast. So finally Fusion head bunted Axel right straight in the nose, breaking it. Axel's head whipped back as his broken nose oozed blood. Fusion head bunted again and again causing Axel to loosen his grip on the flamethrower canon. Fusion then jerked and wrenched the cannon upwards towards Axel's face.

“Kiss the cook!” Fusion grunted.

The thick napalm sprayed out of the cannon's nozzle straight into Axel's face. He screamed holding his face stumbling backwards with head on fire. Fusion rushed to Axel and gave him a heavy front kick to his chest, knocking him farther back. Alex's skin of his face dripped off and as he pulled his hands away from his face there were sticky strands of melted flesh stretching from his face.

Fusion aimed his flamethrower cannon once again and fired off another burst of hell fire, waving a searing stream up and down and from side to side. Alex fell to his knees and then on his stomach in flames. Releasing the trigger, Fusion stood gazing upon his kindled enemy opponent with bliss. Seconds later a portal opens up nearby and before Fusion steps through he turns around and raises his flamethrower cannon in the air.

Fusion shouts, “I am the one! I will burn you down!”


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